Dancing into our Parisian Prom

By: Alyssa Wismar  

     Every spring the excitement of upperclassmen heightens to new levels with prom just around the corner. From the music, dancing, snacks, dressing up, and spending the whole night having fun with friends, it truly is a night to remember. And this year will be no exception with the Prom Committee’s efforts to ensure that this dance is one that seniors and juniors will enjoy and reminisce about for years to come.  

     This year, prom will be held at the Conewango Valley Country Club in Warren, on May 13, from 7 PM – 10 PM. Tickets, which have been being sold during B and C lunches and will continue to be on sale until the day before the dance, are $25 for an individual, and $40 for a couple. Another important piece of this prom information is the theme. After all, a theme alone can cause excitement. The theme choice this year, ‘A Knight in Paris,’ certainly does just that.  

     To get more insight into how this marvelous night will be, The Squire talked to members of the prom committee, Lex Leamon and Carley Christianson. After, according to Christianson, a seven-month process that was, “…stressful, but also exciting seeing it all come together,” the final details are all in place. With the potential themes of, according to both members, poker night, enchanted forest, college, and Hollywood, ‘A Knight in Paris’ won the favor over the others in a committee vote Even though there won’t be a spirit week this year for the dance, the excitement and spirit has been visible throughout the school hallways for the last month.  

    Christianson and Leamon both expressed that they were also excited to see the finished product, with Christianson saying that she is looking forward to, “…seeing the venue all set up and all the dresses,” which are both things that everyone looks forward to as well. Leamon said that he is excited to, “…see people coming together and having a good time.” Both committee members shared that they wanted to make this a special event for the seniors, as it is the senior class’s last dance at Eisenhower. What a grand finale this will be! 

     The Squire would like to thank Carley and Lex for their additional information and for raising everyone’s excitement for this special night. For further information as to where you can go to eat before prom and different trends, check out Abi Grunden’s article on current prom trends. After prom, The Squire will be posting pictures from the event, so stay tuned. 

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