Celebrating Kindness Week at Eisenhower

By: Rhiannon Cook

     This year, Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on Friday, February 17, a day to implement a little more kindness into each other’s lives. Student Council is taking the opportunity to turn the whole week into one of kindness, and has a variety of plans to share. The Squire got the details from Student Council Supervisor, Mrs. Lobdell, and from Student Council member, Brigit Cook.

     “Kindness Week will run February 13-16 here at EMHS with a theme of ‘Falling in Love with Being Kind,’” started Lobdell. “Some of the week’s activities include spirit days, daily kindness challenges, face painting, and a decorated lobby and cafeteria. Student Council members will be putting positive notes on lockers, giving out free hugs and high fives in the lobby before school, and leading all activities.” This is only a glimpse of the plans the council has, and there are even some surprises to look forward to.

     It should be clear what the purpose of Kindness Week is, but council member, Brigit Cook, was able to give us some insight on the council’s specific intentions. “The intended message of Kindness Week is to spread care, love, and support to those who need a little pick-me-up, and to encourage those who do not express a lot of kindness already to do so,” Cook explained. Lobdell and Cook both expressed the importance of making being kind a normal part of everyone’s life, students and teachers alike. The week’s activities are to be just the start of “kindness being the norm here at Eisenhower.”

     A large focus the council has is to work towards a change in student actions, from interacting with their peers to making a change in their community. Students should be especially mindful of the week, and try to put some of the examples given by Lobdell and Cook to practice. “Students can honor this week by just being kind and considerate towards others,” shares Cook. “This can be done anytime, anywhere, in small gestures as well as large. If you see someone who is having a rough day, offer them a smile, maybe compliment them on something. Kindness is not difficult to express, and we hope all students and teachers alike will honor this week,” she finished. “You can donate items to an animal shelter, or pick up litter in your community, too. No act of kindness is too small,” Lobdell added. With all of this in mind, surely students will be able to act very kindly for the span of the week, and hopefully far into the future.

     The Squire truly appreciates the work Student Council has put into preparing Kindness Week, and the effort of spreading awareness to be kind. We hope that everyone at Eisenhower will remember to continue to act mindfully and positively, even when the week is over.

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