Lady Knights Falling into Sports 

By: Rhiannon Cook 

     It has already been a busy first few weeks of school for everyone at Eisenhower, and certainly for the talented athletes on the girls’ sports teams, including volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, and cross country. Practice begins even before the academic school year and continues through the beginning months of autumn. It takes dedication and perseverance to manage sports on top of schoolwork, but these girls have got it covered.  

     Because of the commitment and skill these girls display, The Squire wanted to ask some of the talented participants, like senior volleyball player, Samantha Briggs; soccer captain, Callan Gigliotti; cheerleader, Caroline Smyth; and cross country runner, Madison Cathcart, a few questions about their feelings towards their teams and seasons this year. 

     Volleyball is a sport that is not possible without players who work together; every player needs to contribute their absolute best towards the game and their teammates. Briggs explained that a huge part of the sport is communicating on court, something the volleyball girls are working hard on this year. Along with the effort to improve and the progress that’s been made, Briggs is most proud of her team for staying positive throughout the season and the amount of support between players. 

    Teamwork is just as crucial in a sport such as soccer, as much as individual morale and dedication to the game. Gigliotti talked about the difficulty of intensity during the second half of a soccer game, after the players have already been playing their best and may be a bit tired. However, she also explained that getting touches on the ball before half time ends can be a game changer for her team. 

     The Squire was curious about what each of these players was proud of their team for, and a brilliant win is an excellent reason given by Gigliotti. “In the past, we have struggled when we played Cambridge Springs; however, this year we came out wanting to win that game, so that is exactly what we did,” Gigliotti stated. “As a team, we played very aggressively, which allowed us to possess the ball more and find the back of the net twice. However, the other team put up a fight and we ended up winning in overtime 2-1!” The Squire is proud of you too, soccer stars! 

     The cheer team can play just as big a role as the football players on the field. They encourage the team and interact with the crowd, making the game more enjoyable with their bright smiles and proud cheers. Smyth told The Squire about how well the cheerleaders this year work together, making learning new routines fun and easy. Smyth was also glad to say that she is proud of her fellow cheerleaders for supporting the football team this year, and how the girls are always excited to cheer, “…warm or cold, rain or shine!”  

     Cross country; a unique sport that requires just as much hard work as any other. The team this year has many skills, Cathcart believes, with a collective one being their teamwork. She says that her teammates get along well, and it helps build a sense of trust and even makes just being on the team enjoyable. Cathcart further stated, “I’m proud of the team because cross country isn’t an easy sport. It takes a lot of hard work and time. It’s such a great environment to be in and a great team to be a part of.” Having a strong bond between teammates really can make participating in a sport that much better, as clearly expressed by Cathcart, and it is wonderful to hear that the bond is so clearly present on the cross country team. 

     The Squire thanks our female athletes for sharing with us about Eisenhower’s amazing teams this year. It sounds like there is a strong team presence within each of the sports, and we hope it continues to grow. We know you all will continue to work and play hard, as the talented Lady Knights of Eisenhower. 

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