Running into Girls Sports

By: Rose Perrin 

     We have now moved onto the spring season and with spring comes spring sports. At Eisenhower, we have both softball and track for our girls sports. The Squire asked a student from each sport to answer some questions about what they have accomplished and how they plan to further improve. In all, everyone is enjoying the season so far and is looking forward to more moments to come.  

     The Squire interviewed senior, Chloe Lasecki, who is in track. She shared with us that her favorite part of track is getting to hangout with her peers during their meets. We asked her what she has worked on during this season, she replied with, “I have improved on jumping and I’m working to improve on my running.” We know everyone experiences challenges, even in sports, and Lasecki informed us that her biggest challenge this season is to jump as far as she can and her plan on how to overcome this is to practice as much as she can and do her best.  

     From our softball team The Squire interviewed junior, Emma Sanders. She explained that both individually and as a team, batting skills and fielding during practices have improved. They take half of their practice time to do fielding drills and the other half on batting practice. The Squire wondered what she was looking forward to this season and she replied with, “I’m looking forward to bonding with the teamwork, going out and winning some games, and having a good time, even if we don’t win all the games.” When asked what her biggest challenge was this season, Sanders stated spraining her wrist was a difficult obstacle.  She slowly worked on getting better so she could continue playing at her best. 

     The girls are working hard to succeed and have fun along the way. Everyone is doing their best to get where they want to be as they improve and perfect where they need to. The Squire wishes our Eisenhower girls good luck on all their games!  

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