Moving the Spotlight onto Mrs. Elms

By: Rose Perrin

     One new teacher at Eisenhower this year is Mrs. Elms, who teaches sixth grade math and algebra. The Squire chose her for our teacher spotlight to help students and staff get to know her better. We asked her some questions regarding her teaching career, which brought her from Beaty Warren Middle School to Eisenhower Middle-High School.

The Squire: What reasons did you decide to come and teach at Eisenhower?

Mrs. Elms: I live in Russell and my kids go to school here.

TS: What are some differences that you’ve noticed between teaching at Beaty and Eisenhower?

Mrs. E: My class sizes are a bit smaller, and there are fewer teachers. I only have to split kids with Mrs. Rouse, so it’s easier to keep in touch with kids than it was at Beaty. At Beaty, there are seven or eight teachers at a time, so its easier to coordinate things at Eisenhower because it’s a smaller school.

TS: What are some of your favorite things about Eisenhower?

Mrs. E: I would say the school spirt and being able to see my kids with their friends when I’m here.

TS: What do you miss about teaching at Beaty?

Mrs. E: The people I worked with because I worked with the same people for 17 years, so I miss them.

TS: What had led you to want to teach?

Mrs. E: I had an extremely difficult math teacher in high school, and I think I just wanted to be someone who made math more comfortable for people. I know not everybody’s going to like it, but I hope they will at least not hate it, be scared of it, or be nervous of it. So, I think having that teacher made me kind of want to do the opposite of what she did, and its funny because that teacher has come to visit me since I first started teaching. But, I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I didn’t have her, even though she was super tough and didn’t always bring out self-esteem in me for math. So, I think that was my goal – to make sure people at least felt confident in math, even if they didn’t like it.

     That’s all for our interview with Mrs. Elms. The Squire appreciates Mrs. Elms taking time out of her day to answer our questions, giving us some insight on her teaching life, and a bit of her personal life as well. If you want to read our next teacher spotlight, make sure you check back when our spring issue is published.

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