Gathering Tips for Online Challenges

By: Paige Pratt

     During these Covid infused school years, students have been forced to do online learning many times due to quarantine or school shutting down temporarily because of too many cases. Online learning can be difficult, making learning capabilities challenging for students.

     According to, studies show that students online fail to complete work and receive lower grades than learning in person. Being in person makes focusing easier, giving the students more structure to their day. When at home, students may feel as if they can do whatever they want because there’s no one to guide them. Since we sometimes do not have a choice on whether to learn in person or online, students should find effective ways to overcome the challenges and be more comfortable (achieving more) while participating in online learning.

     The Squire interviewed history teacher, Mr. Logue, for some input on online learning. Mr. Logue advised students to, “Take advantage of the district teachers that are assigned to help to in a specific area,” which is very important, since you do not have the one-on-one contact with your teachers to help with your work. Early in the 2021 school year, the school board created a list of available teachers to help in a specific area online. Students who are looking for the information on the online help, click the link here:

Parent Student Online Learning Letter

     Logue also explained, “Teachers do not have the interaction between the students that they do for in person learning, so students are being graded entirely on what they write down. The grading standard is higher.” You really have to make sure you know what you are doing and read everything thoroughly. Try to get as much help as needed.

     The Squire also interviewed junior, Alyssa Fuchs, to learn more about the student perspective. Alyssa stated that she does learn better when in person, but a big help to being online, from her personal experience, would be to join all Teams meetings hosted by teachers throughout the day and to not hesitate to contact them. Doing those few things will help you stay on track with the lessons, and you’ll be less likely to fall behind. A struggle Fuchs has with online learning is “…staying motivated to do the work.”

     Fuchs isn’t alone in struggling with schoolwork motivation. When you are in the comfort of your own home, you might be tempted to hang out in bed all day rather than getting to your schoolwork. A solution to this is waking up at a good time, having a nutritional breakfast, keeping active, making a schedule, giving yourself a deadline, connecting with school friends, and setting aside time for your schooling.

     While learning in person is the ideal situation for most students, many students might find themselves learning online this school year. These tips will make you a more efficient student and make online schooling less dreadful for students.

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