The Spotlight Opens up on Senior Sydney Cronmiller

By: Peyton Kellogg

     Eisenhower High School is full of many talented and wonderful people, giving The Squire countless options to choose a special student for the Student Spotlight. This winter, the chosen student is senior Sydney Cronmiller. As a student athlete, who is on the cross country and track teams, Sydney is very involved in our school. She is active in many other activities both inside and outside of school. Sydney is a determined student who works hard for the grades she has. The Squire asked Sydney some questions to get to know more about her and her plans after high school.  

The Squire: What is one positive thing you have gotten from high school and what is something you wish you got more of?

Sydney Cronmiller: One positive thing I have gotten from high school is most importantly the friendships. The memories I’ve made throughout high school will stick with me for a lifetime. I wish I had been less stressed and more present in my friendships. Yes, your studies and grades are important, but it is just as important to be with the people you love and the ones who make you happy.

TS: What are your plans when you get out of high school? What made you want to do that with your life?  

SC: After high school, I am attending Wilkes University. Specifically, I have been accepted into the six-year guaranteed-seat Pharmacy Program. I see myself either working in drug research or at a cancer center. Along with helping people, the diversity of the career is what drew me in. Many people go straight to a retail pharmacist counting pills when they hear pharmacy, but there are so many possibilities. 

TS: If money wasn’t a part of the equation would you still want to do that career? Why or why not?

SC: Although the money is nice, it was never a thought in my mind when I chose pharmacy as a career path. I didn’t even plan on being a pharmacist until late junior year after job-shadowing. It was the hands-on patient care that hooked me, not the salary.

TS: What would you say is one of the highlights of your high school career? 

SC: A highlight of my high school career would have to be running track and field. It is hands down my favorite sport, and my fondest memories are from the meets, bus rides, and practices. Specifically, I enjoyed goofing off with Coach Schrek and the distance gang on all of our long, adventure style runs. 

TS: What are you most excited for about college?

SC: I honestly can’t wait for all of the classes I get to take, specifically my chemistry courses. I am also looking forward to experiencing college life and making new memories.

TS: Who do you think your biggest inspiration has been throughout your high school career?

SC: Throughout my high school career, my biggest inspiration has been my two bosses, Zach Smith and Hiral Patel. To make a long story short, they are like the siblings I never had. I look up to them both, as they have taught me so much, and I hope to make them proud.  

     Sydney is a great student and an amazing person, with ambitious plans for her future. The Squire wishes her the best of what time she has left here at Eisenhower. We hope she accomplishes all her dreams and makes the best out of her life. Congratulations, Sydney, on being The Squire’s Student Spotlight.

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