Teacher Spotlight Features Mrs. Lobdell

By: Abigail Grunden

     Welcomed to Eisenhower this year, Mrs. Lobdell shared her teaching experience with The Squire for this issue’s Teacher Spotlight. Just in her first year at the school, she is already involved with student activities, being the junior class advisor. Mrs. Lobdell has managed to create many relationships with her students and co-workers so far, but The Squire wanted to introduce her to rest of the school. We asked her a few questions about her career and pastime activities to help everyone at Eisenhower get to know her a little better.  

The Squire: How long have you been a teacher and where have you taught?

Mrs. Lobdell: This is my 7th year teaching in the district. I previously taught at Youngsville Elementary School and Youngsville Middle High School. Before teaching in the district, I taught one year at Head Start Preschool.

TS: What was your inspiration to become a teacher?

Mrs. L: I knew I wanted to teach at a very young age. I had an AMAZING second grade teacher (shout out to Mrs. Yovich!) who was kind, caring, and poured her whole heart into teaching. She came in each day with so much genuine positive energy. It was so contagious!  I knew then and there that this is the profession that I wanted to pursue when I got older.

TS: If you did not pursue your teaching career, what career would you have chosen, and why? 

Mrs. L: When I was very little, I thought I wanted to be a ballerina (haha). If not a teacher, I can see myself working in a profession with animals. I’ve always had a passion for animals and advocating for them. 

TS: What subject(s) do you teach?

Mrs. L: I currently teach Read 180 to 6th through 11th grade students. I love it! Reading is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to happily escape from reality, expand your world views, keep your mind sharp, and grow as individuals.

TS: What memories of your career stick out to you most?

Mrs. L: One of my favorite memories that I have made thus far is the lasting relationships I have made with both students and staff in Youngsville as well as here at Eisenhower. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind! Eisenhower is my alma mater so I’m excited to be here!

TS: What are some hobbies you are interested in, or activities you attend after school?

Mrs. L: I currently serve as a board member of Paws Along the River and run their social media pages. Additionally, I enjoy playing softball, reading, hiking with my rescue dog, Paisley, and spending as much time as possible enjoying my two-year-old son, Cameron. 

     The Squire’s interview with Mrs. Lobdell gives our staff and students a chance to get to know one of our new teachers this year. The Squire was thrilled to interview a former student who is now building her career here at Eisenhower. The Squire would also like to thank Mrs. Lobdell for working around her schedule to participate in our Teacher Spotlight. Be sure to stay updated with our school’s current events and interviews on Squirenews.com.

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