Casting into Trout Season

By: Lydia Larson 

     When the temperature starts to rise and the water starts to thaw, you know trout season is just around the corner. Grab your rods, bait, fishing license and head to your favorite fishing spot because this year trout season started on April 3rd. Many students around the county fish during trout season, so The Squire interviewed WAHS senior, James Swanson, about his experiences and tips for success during trout season. Swanson shared with us that he has been fishing since he was three years old, and it was his family who got him started at such a young age “…because it runs in the family to fish and hunt.” 

     When you go trout fishing it is always a great idea to have different fishing spots to go to in case they are all fished out or there are too many people there. If you are new to trout fishing, Swanson says, “Farnsworth, Chapman’s Dam, and Chandlers Valley pond are all great places to fish for beginners because they are easy to access and are stocked with lots of fish.” To check when these places or other local fishing spots in Warren County are going to be stocked, check the Times Observer or stop and get a stocking schedule from Tall Tales, a local sporting goods store in Russell.  

     To catch trout, you must have just the right bait. Swanson recommends using salmon eggs, trout magnets, worms, and trout power bait nuggets. The Squire asked Swanson where you can buy this bait and any other supplies you may need, he responded with “Penn Wild in down-town Warren and Walmart are good places for any trout gear.” There are many different types of rods you can use, such as a fly rod or a spinning rod when you are fishing for trout. If you are fishing in a larger body of water, it is more effective to use a spinner bait that will flash when being reeled in to catch the fish’s eye. When fishing in a stream, it is best to use a regular hook with some bait because it will float downstream. 

     When asked what his favorite part about trout fishing was, Swanson replied, “I enjoy fishing trout and there are a few native streams around, so I enjoy when they stock those streams.” Hopefully, these tips and tricks, from a local fisherman who seems to have all the luck, will guarantee you success on your next fishing trip. Maybe you will even catch one as big as Swanson’s personal record of 24 inches. The Squire wishes you good luck the next time you cast your line! 

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