Teacher Spotlight Highlights Mr. Blume

By: Logan Abbott 

     As times have changed in the recent months, so have the faces at schools across the county, state, and United States as a whole. Since teachers are now teaching online classes, new teachers are being brought in to teach the students that remain at the school. One of these teachers, Mr. Daniel Blume, is a new health and gym teacher here at Eisenhower Middle High School. The writers of The Squire were excited to learn more about one of the newest members of Eisenhower’s staff, so, without further ado, here we go! 

The Squire: If you were not teaching physical education/health, what would you teach? 

Mr. Blume: I always liked the idea of teaching a life skills class, and covering such topics as money management, grocery shopping and basic cooking, laundry, vehicle maintenance and repair, time management, etc.. If this were not an option, I would say I would teach math. 

TS: What is the main reason you teach? 

Mr. B: Several of my high school teachers had a positive impact on my life and the path I took. Thus, I liked the idea of teaching to try to have that same positive impact on students. 

TS: When you were in school, who was your favorite teacher and why? 

Mr. B: Mr. Parente, my 11th grade English teacher. He was able to make English, a subject I did not enjoy and struggled with, fun, enjoyable, and helped me improve. 

TS: Where did you go to high school, and what did you like about it? 

Mr. B: Plum Senior High School, (near Pittsburgh) I liked most of my teachers, but mostly I enjoyed spending time with my friends. 

TS: How did you decide you wanted to teach after you graduated high school? 

Mr. B: Once I decided my junior/senior year that I wanted to attend college, I knew I wanted to major in education because of the positive impact my teachers had on me as a student. 

TS: Which high school teacher impacted you the most in high school? What type of impact did that teacher have on you? 

Mr. B: Coach Rometo. He was my PE/Health teacher and head football coach. He and the rest of the coaches helped to guide me on the right path in life and influenced me to become a good young man. Much of what I learned from his football program I continue to use in life. 

TS: What was your favorite subject in high school? 

Mr. BPhysical education is the easy answer because I did and still enjoy being active, but next would be a TV productions class that helped with organization and public speaking. 

The Squire would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview you, Mr. Blume! If you see Mr. Blume walking around the halls once we’re back in school, stop and say hi to him. 

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