Getting Ready for Winter Sports During COVID-19

By: Delaney Chase 

     Winter sports are preparing for a season like no other. With COVID-19 regulations being different from the fall sports season, athletics are making accommodations to keep their season going as long as possible. At the beginning of the season, PIAA announced that all winter sports would have to social distance and wear masks at all times, but a rise of COVID-19 cases in Warren County has brought all sports to a standstill until further notice. 

     Boys Basketball is looking very promising this year as they have been working hard since the season began. Losing some key players last year has not slowed their momentum. They have gained some new players this year that are not only freshmen, but also upperclassmen. These players will be very beneficial when the season starts up again. They are confident they can get a few wins early in the season that can keep them going to the end. 

     Girls Basketball is having a tougher time with the COVID-19 regulations, as they had to take a longer break from practicing due to a high number of cases. The Squire sat down with senior, Lilee Renninger, to ask what the girls have in store this season. Lilee said the team’s biggest strengths this year are their post players, “We have some really pretty strong post players this year that are going to be really beneficial for the season.” Lilee also said the season might be difficult losing a few experienced varsity seniors from last year, but that is not going to stop them. The Lady Knights’ biggest rivals over the years has always been the Youngsville Eagles. Lilee shared, “I think this year if we work on our defense and us being able to put up more points, then we’ve got this game in the bag.” As far as COVID goes, Lilee said the team is working hard to keep their momentum going from the start of season, “We have enjoyed the gym time that we all get together, but there isn’t much that we can do.” Hopefully, the girls can get their season going again quickly. 

     The Eisenhower wrestling team has adjusted well to the new rules made, although it seems to be the most difficult for them. Wearing a mask, social distancing, and wrestling are not necessarily things that go together, but they are trying hard to make it work. They are looking forward to getting their season going again to prepare for their first match. 

     Good luck to all the winter sports this year! Stay up to date on EHS sports through The Squire’s Instagram page, ehssquire. 

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