Finding the Best and Worst Trends of 2020

By: Lydia Larson 

     We all know that 2020 has been a crazy year, from the World War III threat and COVID-19, to the Australian and California wildfires and the recent election. While all these chaotic events were happening, many trends have popped up this year, including the game Among Us, vintage clothing styles making a comeback, and the returning trend that is even more popular now, TikTok. 

     The Squire posted a poll on their Instagram story asking their followers to vote on whether the trend was the best or the worst of 2020. Everyone had different opinions on the trends, and we received great feedback. The outcome might even be surprising to some. As voted by the followers of The Squire’s Instagram the best and worst trends of 2020 are as followed: 

Best Trends 

-Vintage Clothing 


-LED lights 

-Among Us 

Worst Trends 

-Chunky Fila Shoes 

-Tiger King 

-Pit Vipers 

-Harry Styles’s Music 

-Charli D’Amelio 


    The poll was a great way to learn more about this year’s trends from the student body as a whole, but The Squire wanted to learn even more about the best and worst of 2020. The Squire interviewed Eisenhower student Lily Mueller, who is always participating in and following up on the most popular trends, to find out what her thoughts were. Mueller’s favorite trend of 2020 would have to be the LED lights, as she told The Squire that she has them in her room and she loves them. When asked what her least favorite trend was, Mueller explained, “My least favorite trend would definitely be masks; they are horrible. I am always forgetting mine everywhere I go.” Mueller also shared with The Squire that one trend she thought would stick around would be TikTok because “It is so popular and addictive; almost everyone uses it.” 

     Every year, students at Eisenhower participate in most of the popular trends. Many guys and girls have started to wear pit vipers and vintage clothing. You will also see many students at lunch scrolling through TikTok or playing Among Us. Our students are always up to date on the trends and love discovering new ones. 

     Even though 2020 is almost to its end, the trends will continue to grow, and more new trends will start to pop up here and there throughout the next few weeks. It was interesting to see everyone’s opinions on whether this year’s trends were the best or the worst. The Squire hopes that everyone has a great end to 2020 and that 2021 will be a better year for all of us. 

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