Fall Cleanup and Winter Preparation

By: Logan Abbott 

     Fall, the season of cooler temperatures, colored leaves, fresh apples and pumpkins, baking pies and other tasty deserts. But, not all things about fall are fun and care-free. With the change of seasons comes trying to keep the yard, that you worked on all spring and summer, tidy. Your yard is suddenly becoming invaded by little red, green, yellow, and orange monsters, also known as leaves. But do not fear, for The Squire is here to give you tips and advice on how to keep your yard looking great. 

     As many know, there are many ways to keep a yard clean. You can burn your leaves or rake them into a pile and put them in the woods. Another option is to use a Trac-Vac, a vacuum that you attach to the back of a tractor, turn on the hose, and watch the leaves enter the vacuum. After the vacuum is filled up, you can unload it with a couple of shovels and perseverance. My family uses a Trac-Vac, and it saves a lot of time.  

     The Squire spoke with Eisenhower Spanish teacher, Mr. Leonhardt, to find out a little more about how to clean up the yard this time of year. He shared that he lives in an area with few trees and a lot of wind, which makes his cleanup “pretty easy overall.” Mr. Leonhardt’s favorite part of fall cleaning is, “hearing my wife complain about doing all the work herself.” He also says he enjoys “hosing down all the trees.” When asked about how he felt after all the work was done, he replied by saying: “After it’s all finally done, I feel magnanimous.” For those of you who don’t know what magnanimous means, it means generous and forgiving to a rival or less powerful person.  

     That’s an interesting point of view towards fall cleaning. When asked about the tools he uses for his cleanup, he said this “I use a screwdriver, a turkey baster, three safety pins, and the gearshift from a ’79 Chevy.” In typical Mr. Leonhardt fashion, when he was asked how long he expected his cleanup to take, he said, “Typically it takes until about June.” If you are looking for more tips on fall cleanup, check out thisoldhouse.com for a fall landscaping checklist. This fall remember Mr. Leonhardt’s advice and good luck getting your yard ready for the next season. 

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