Boys Fall Sports off to a Strong Start

By: Wyatt Tucker 

     Fall is here and that means it’s time for the busiest sports season of the year! The Squire spoke to some representatives from cross country, football, and soccer, and we even got some input from them regarding the season. Time to learn about our players!  

     For the first interview, we are looking at the Eisenhower Knights Football Team, and got some info from defensive lineman, Logan Abbott. The football team is having a knockout season so far this year, with a winning record. When asked about it, Mr. Abbott said that the team is doing well all in all, but that they still need a little work to become the powerful force that they need to be for the playoffs. He is also very optimistic going forwards in the season, saying, “I think that if we grow as a team, and become more dominant on both sides of the ball, this team could win the district.” A great look into the team from Logan, and hopefully the team sees the improvement needed to go to playoffs. Also, make sure you go support them at as many games as possible.  

     For the next sport we are switching over to cross-country, featuring Aden Savko. The cross-country team also currently has a winning record and Aden says that they have a super solid team. According to Aden, the training that occurs before a meet can vary a lot, but mainly they do long distance running, core training, and sprints. As for the new kids, he says, “ when it comes to running there really is no off season; you have to work all off season and not just on running, keep your whole body in shape, work in some lifting and try to run every day.” Aden gives some great advice for kids coming up, and hopefully they have a great rest of the season. 

     For the last sport, we have boys soccer. They are off to a good start this season, with some upcoming talent from Tommy Jukes and Abe Wolf. They are currently having a winning season and are looking to go to playoffs! We asked defender Jake Venman what he thought that the team could improve on, and here’s what he said, “We have a fairly inexperienced team and they have stepped up in many ways, but we really need to improve on working the ball up the field if we want to make a good appearance at the playoffs.” He also says that they are on a good track to get to playoffs, and that they are looking to win most of their upcoming games. 

     Hopefully all sports can pull together and get the stats they need to go to have a great season. Thanks Logan, Aden, and Jake for your input to The Squire’s overview of fall boys sports. Also, remember to go support all our sports teams and stay tuned to W-IKE news for regular sports updates. 

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