Baking Cakes for Cake Boss

By: Lilee Renninger

Mrs. Alexander’s baking class just had their final project, which is a competition that they call “cake boss.” The class bakes a cake and decorates it based off of inspiration from popular children’s books. They are judged according to the appearance, taste, and relation to the book. For the first semester class, there were five groups that all baked a cake.

The class baked cakes which flavors include chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and apple cinnamon. All of the cakes looked amazing, and the judges, who were chosen by Mrs. Alexander, had quite the challenge before them to choose a winner. The cake that won the competition was baked by Morgan Blose and Nicole Diaz. The cake itself looked like a tree stump, and was based off of the book The Giving Tree. The cake not only looked impressive, but they chose the unique flavor of apple cinnamon with vanilla frosting.

     The Squire asked a student in the baking class, Caleb Robinault, a few questions about his group and the competition. Robinault was asked what inspired his cake. He replied, “We based our cake off of the book Mummies in the Morning, which is a Magic Tree House book about mummies.” Robinault explained, “Our cake was in the shape of a mummy face.” Robinault’s cake was in the shaped like a mummies face and was chocolate with a buttercream frosting.

The cakes from all the groups looked so beautifully decorated, so The Squire asked him how he felt about his cake compared to the others, and he expressed, “Everyone’s cakes are looking so good, and I don’t really know if ours is that good. Everyone is so creative.” Caleb went on to mention that he was impressed that people had giant cakes with so many designs on them.

The Squire, along with many students and teachers, were very impressed with the cakes made this year. The cake boss competition was successful and a great way to end the class. The students had fun baking their cakes and competing against one another for the best cake. Although it may be difficult to come up with a design and actually finish the cake, the students’ hard work paid off again this year. Congratulations to the winners!

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