Checking in on Girls Sports

By: Logan Jaquay

In the midst of a hard fought season, the girls basketball team sits at a (4-12) record. The girls have battled injuries and adversity, but have stayed determined to keep pushing and make the playoffs. Although they have lost some close games that they were winning, they have found a way to keep fighting.

     The Squire caught up with senior captain, Emiley Wheeler, to see what she has to say about the season. Emiley shared that they have lost some close games that they had a chance of winning. To overcome these tough losses in the games that remain for the season, she explained, “We need to improve our communication on the court and finish the close games.” The girls’ biggest strength this season involves being equally balanced and being close as teammates. Emiley is excited to win the last couple games and hopes to make playoffs.

Before the season, Emiley set out some team and personal goals. Although she was unable to break 1000 points, Emiley shared that she wants to push to become Eisenhower’s second leading scorer. This would be a huge accomplishment for herself and also her teammates. In the last issue of The Squire, Emiley shared how she wanted to see the team work hard the whole season to be able to make playoffs. When asked about how this goal was coming along this season, Emiley replied, “We have been playing hard, but we just haven’t been able to finish the close games. We need to be able to play four whole quarters and not let one quarter put us in a hole. We still have a chance at playoffs if we can win our next couple games.”

As cheerleading goes, the team has elected to not compete in competitions this year. Instead the cheer squad has been cheering on the boys’ basketball team and preforming routine dances during halftime. Also, the cheerleaders have been cutting up delicious oranges for the wrestlers to snack on during home matches. Both teams are very appreciative of the cheerleaders and all their support.

The Squire would like to wish the girls’ basketball team the best of luck as they fight for a spot in the playoffs. Stay tuned to the W-IKE news show for updates on upcoming basketball games. Also follow our social media to stay up to date on student section themes and final scores of the games.

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