Celebrating Christmas with the Students of Eisenhower Elementary

By: Delaney Chase

As the Christmas season approaches, students at Eisenhower are excited to get in the Christmas spirit. Many classrooms in the school have been decorated with Christmas trees and lights, and the doors have been covered with festive themes for the door decorating contest. The same excitement for the holiday can be seen in the Elementary wing of the school. The Squire talked to students of Eisenhower Elementary to find out what they enjoy about Christmas, and what they’re looking forward to this year.

The Squire asked some third graders what they thought were some of the very best things about Christmas. Many students agreed that presents were the best thing about the holiday season, while others said they loved giving to others. Christmas fanatic, Joelle, explained, “I love sharing and caring with my cousins. I love sharing all my toys.” Harper shared that she liked Christmas because she gets to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Abigail revealed that her family likes to decorate her house with a large tree and lights for everyone to see, which she enjoys most about the Christmas season.

The Eisenhower Elementary students also spoke with The Squire about some of their families’ Christmas traditions. Joelle disclosed that her family likes to have dinner together after decorating her tree. Harper told The Squire, “My family likes to celebrate and spend time together all day.” Some students stated that their favorite tradition was decorating Christmas cookies and putting them out for Santa to eat.

When asked what the best gift they have ever gotten was, some students said that receiving their pets as a surprise on Christmas was pretty great. Lucas explained, “My parents got me a cat one year!” Joelle agreed, stating that her family got her a dog a couple years ago. Their classmate, Abigail, explained that she loves to get books that she can read throughout the year. Harper told The Squire that she gets excited when she gets new shoes for Christmas.

Although they were grateful for past gifts, the kids are thinking ahead to what is on their wish list this year. The Squire did a little research to find out the most popular gifts of this year, and see how those gifts align with what the Eisenhower students are hoping to get under their tree. According to http://www.today.com, some of the most popular gifts for kids this year include a Nintendo Switch Lite, the newest console that makes it easy to play your favorite games on the go. In honor of the release of the new movie Frozen 2 film, the Lego Arendelle castle is very popular with young fans of the huge franchise. The 3Doodler 3D pen is something said to be on a lot of kids’ lists this year. This fun pen allows kids to use their imagination to make many unique creations. The students of Eisenhower are very familiar with this product as they get the opportunity to use them in their various library classes.

The third grade class shared some unique toys they are hoping to receive. Many students, including Bret and Canian, are hoping to find Nerf Guns under their tree on Christmas Day. Canian said, “I really want a nerf gun with darts. Make sure you say I want darts ‘cause I need some of those.” Other gifts shared with The Squire include a hover board, Wii U, and Camera.

Although they were excited to include their own Christmas gifts, the kids also have a big heart and included some gifts for others. When asked what she wanted to get her family, Joelle immediately responded, “I am gonna get my mom a ring and my dad a new four wheeler engine.” Harper shared that she wanted to get her mom a new Crock-Pot since she and her sister broke the old one.

The kids are thrilled to begin their Christmas break and can’t wait to celebrate with their families and friends this season. Merry Christmas from The Squire and have a great holiday season!




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