Curing the Winter Blues

By: Courtney Arp

As the winter time approaches, some people may find themselves feeling down or not as happy as they do in the warmer, sunnier months. This may be because of something called S.A.D., which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. According to, the definition of S.A.D. is “A type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons.” It starts and ends at about the same time every year and often aligns with the darker winter months.

In order to learn more about S.A.D, The Squire asked journalism advisor Miss Howe for more information. The interview started with The Squire talking to Miss Howe about some things students could do during the long, winter season to keep their spirits up.  Miss Howe responded by suggesting students should, “…make sure to go outside and exercise and spend time with family and friends.”

While Miss Howe has never been formally diagnosed with S.A.D., she does notice, like many people, a change in her energy level and spirits in the winter months.  The Squire also asked her how someone might learn more about the disorder and how they know they might be experiencing symptoms.  She explained that, “doing some research online would help” and symptoms may include, “…just feeling tired most of the time, and you feel less motivated to do things you’d usually have no problem doing.” According to, some more signs and symptoms of S.A.D. are, “losing interest in things you once enjoyed, having trouble sleeping, and having difficulty concentrating and focusing.”

Miss Howe also added some treatments that work for her and that might work for other people. First, she said she uses a “Happy Light,” which is a bright light that basically mimics the sun light that gives off white light that improves your mood and concentration. The light stimulates your body’s natural energy enhancers to make you happy and energized. Happy Lights can be purchased on Amazon for a reasonable price. She added that you can also take vitamin treatments such as Vitamin D and iron supplements. Vitamin D helps by boosting your body’s natural energy and iron helps many functions in the body, including general energy and focus. She also recommends eating healthier, exercising, and just trying to stay busy throughout the season.

If you have S.A.D. or think you do may have some of the symptomes, try some of these tips. They may just work for you and help lift your spirits during the winter months. There are different types of S.A.D. and a variety of treatments, so make sure to do your own research on what would help for you personally.

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