Munching Your Way Into Halloween

By: Dillon Benson

Every year on October 31, kids roam the communities, trick or treating for candy. By the end of the night, most kids end up with at least a half a bag of candy. The average age group for trick or treaters is 2-12, but everyone knows all kids like candy, so sometimes our very own Eisenhower students can be seen putting on a costume and enjoying the holiday as well. One of the best parts of Halloween is running around all sugared up and having a good time with friends.

In a recent Instagram poll held by The Squire, we asked what the most popular types of candies were in the categories of chocolate, peanut butter, and fruity flavors. In the chocolate category, Kit Kats beat M&M’s 69% to 31%. In the peanut butter category, Reese Peanut Butter Cups beat Reese Pieces 71% to 29%.  In the fruity category, Skittles beat Starburst 52% to 48%. Hopefully, students find some of that candy in their trick or treating collections.

     The Squire talked to EHS senior Alex Roberts, and asked him what candy he would eat for the rest of his life. He explained, “Kit Kats all the way. I could devour a whole pack in like five seconds.” As you can see, Kit Kats are very popular this Halloween. Personally, skittles are my favorite, so I’m glad to see our loyal readers voted them to be some of the best fruity candies.

You can buy any of these popular candies from just about any grocery store near you. Walmart has almost every candy you can think of, and Dollar General is also a good choice to buy candy since there are many stores in our area, and the prices are reasonable. If you’re expecting a lot of trick or treaters and want to buy candy in bulk, you could order from amazon where there are endless candy options and quick shipping.

The Squire also interviewed EHS junior, Zoie Olsen, who had some shopping recommendations to share, “Every year I go to Walmart and buy my favorite candies to eat while I watch scary movies with my friends.” Zoie Olsen also shared that her favorite candy bar is a Milky Way.

Trick or treating to get the most amount of candy is best in towns or cities, where there are more houses and places you can stop and ask for candy. Many business also participate by handing out candy as well.  This Halloween, enjoy your favorite candy, be safe.

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