Dining in Style at Ribs N’ Bones

By: Alex Durante

In the Warren/Jamestown area, there are many choices when it comes to sit-down restaurants, but one that stands out for great food, great service, and employing students from Eisenhower is Ribs N’ Bones, located on Jackson Run. In this edition of The Squire’s restaurant review, we visited Ribs N’ Bones to get a firsthand experience at the popular restaurant.

Ribs N’ Bones has a long history of serving the community, opening in 1939 as a speakeasy called Elsie’s. It has had several owners and incarnations over the years, including Yankee Airman, but was most recently known as S&P’s. At that time, it was owned by Steven and Patricia Cochran, who sold the eatery to Tom and Fran Beck in 1996. The Becks opened the restaurant we all know and love today. The building was eventually rebuilt after it went up in smoke in 1999. Ida North and Keith Sheldon bought the business from them in 2004, and, in 2013, they sold it to their daughter and son-in-law, Amanda and Travis Hummel. They are still currently the owners, and, in fact, customers often see Amanda busily keeping tabs on the restaurant during weekend evenings.

My most recent visit to Ribs N’ Bones was on Saturday, September 21. The restaurant has two sides, the bar and the dining room. The dining room has a country atmosphere, with walls made of wood paneling. Considering ribs is in their name, that’s what I ordered – a half rack to be exact. The cost of $16.99, seemed a little expensive for the portion I got, but the sauce and meat were both very good and well-cooked, which made the price tag a little more understandable.

Some other things I have enjoyed at this eating establishment over the years are chicken wings, chicken fingers, and the French fries. At only $5.99 for four chicken tenders, served with a side of their homemade ranch, the chicken tenders are well worth it with a great value.

Due to the restaurant’s location, close to Sugar Grove and Lander, Ribs N’ Bones has been the workplace of many Eisenhower students throughout time, including class of 2019 alumni, Riley West. This year, senior Nicholas Jones is an employee there, and The Squire sat down with him to talk about his job. He has been working there for three years now, and enjoys it because there’s “good staff” and it is “always busy.”

Mr. Jones delivers food to the numerous customers of the restraunt. He informed us that several other students from Eisenhower also work there: Max Caudill, Mathew Cathcart, Dawson Deithrick, Hunter Gourley, Brycen Wooden, as well as class of 2018 graduate, Josh Kehr. Senior Paul Thomas was also recently employed there.

Nick’s favorite thing off the menu is the “buffalo chicken sandwich because the sauce is good.” When asked what he would add to the menu, he says “hot dogs, because I love hot dogs.” He recommends working here if you’re looking for a job, because “they have a very fun staff and that’s all that matters.”

On a scale from 1 to 10, The Squire gives Ribs N’ Bones on Jackson Run an 8, factoring in the prices and the food served. If you enjoy ribs, this is the place to go. For students dining out on a budget, there are even a few inexpensive items on the menu, like their delicious, but reasonably priced chicken fingers. If you are looking for a job, this is also the place to go, since it is right in the neighborhood of many Eisenhower students. Talk to any one of the current Eisenhower students employed at Ribs N’ Bones to find out more about being a Ribs employee.  Follow the restaurant on Facebook to stay updated on their weekly specials.


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