Mark Passinger Excels in Student Spotlight

By: Logan Abbott

Mark Passinger, a Warren County Career Center student, Ford loving, cross country runner, Boy Scout, Cleveland Browns fan, great friend, and overall good guy is The Squire’s choice for this edition of the student spotlight.

As a junior, Passinger attends both Eisenhower and the Warren County Career Center, a school where 10-12 graders can explore possible career options. Passinger shared with The Squire that when he attends the Career Center, he gets the ability to work with electronics. A couple of the things that are a part of his curriculum include Circuit Building, and Programming. The class will also soon be starting a unit on Residential Wiring.

The Squire asked Passinger how he thought his classes at the career center would get him prepared after graduation, and he explained that the program would help him with his electronic skills and creating real life designs. He is also hoping it will help him be more confident in getting a job in the field of electronics.

Despite all the time that he spends in the classroom, Passinger also has many hobbies outside of school. He enjoys cars, and recently entered his 1996 Pontiac Sunfire in the Sugar Grove car show over the summer. He won an award, showing that he really loves his cars and is skilled at restoration.

If you look in the Eco Lab, you can find him running with the cross-country team. The Squire asked Mark for some advice he would give to younger runners. He stated that they should try their best and try to make improvements each week.

It is well known around the school that Mark’s favorite NFL team is the Cleveland Browns. He became a fan mostly because many of his relatives root for them, but he also does not want to cheer for the Steelers.

Passinger is also a Boy Scout for Troop 14, and currently is thinking about what he is going to do for the community when he does his Eagle Scout Project.

Passinger is a great athlete and a scholar with some interesting hobbies, making him a unique and important part of our Eisenhower student body. If you see Mark in the halls of Eisenhower this year, don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi.


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