Falling into the School Year

By: Courtney Arp

The new school year has just begun and students at Eisenhower Middle High School have a new schedule and routine to get used to. Similar to last school year, we have advisory, a period where students can get caught up on homework, try out clubs, and see teachers if needed. Instead of being right before sixth period, advisory is at the end of the day.

The Squire interviewed EHS junior, Nataly Clark, to ask a few questions about the schedule changes. To start off the interview, we asked Clark how she felt about the new schedule for this school year. She replied by sharing, “I think it’s okay…but I think the times of the classes are weird.  The times that the classes end and start are just odd to me.”

When asked if she preferred the longer class periods of 50 minutes, versus the old schedule of 42 minute class periods, Clark answered, “I don’t prefer it; we should go back to eight periods.”

     The Squire also asked Clark what some pros and cons are about having advisory at the very end of the day rather than having it in the middle of the day. She answered “Now that advisory is at the end of the day, athletes won’t be missing important information and classwork when they get out early. They won’t be behind everyone else in the class and their grades will probably be better.” She makes a good point because in the past few years students have gotten out in sixth period and they’ve missed almost two whole class periods, which results in a lot of make-up work and makes it easy to fall behind.  This schedule is different this year, where, depending on the time they get out, they will only miss advisory and a little bit of sixth and seventh periods.

There are pros and cons to the new advisory. While some students like the new schedule since they miss fewer classes if they leave early and are less likely to fall behind, other students don’t like it because they prefer it in the middle of the day so they could get their homework done for an upcoming class.

If you have any questions about the schedule changes or your own personal schedule, see Mrs. Alm, the principal, or the guidance counselor, Mrs. Golab, for help.


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