Getting Camera Ready for Prom

By: Zoie Olsen

Do you ever stress about prom and all of the other tasks that come along with it? Well then, keep reading because I’m going help you find the best place to get pictures this year for prom.

Recently, The Squire conducted a Twitter poll asking about the best local places to take prom pictures. The poll showed that 67% of those who voted would go to Cable Hollow Golf Course and 33% of people would rather go to Jackson Valley Golf Club to get prom pictures taken. Washington Park and Crescent Park are both located in Warren, but they both had a total of zero votes each. Keeping the picture location close by and local can help to make the day a little less hectic.

The Squire also sat down with seniors Lexi Head and Maddie Fetzeck to ask them about their opinions on where they prefer to get prom pictures taken and what they look for in the perfect location. Lexi shared that her favorite place to get pictures taken is near water or by bloomed flowers, while Maddie said she normally get pictures taken Jackson Valley Golf Course because of the scenery. There’s often a debate about what time is ideal for picture taking – earlier in the day or closer to the start of the big dance.  Both seniors shared that they prefer to eat dinner after taking pictures rather than before. That way, they can really enjoy their meal without worrying about being picture ready. Both Lexi and Maddie said they usually take pictures with their dates in a group.

When The Squire asked where they’ve had prom pictures taken in the past, Lexi shared that she has had pictures taken at the Hickory Street Bridge in Warren, golf courses, and some parks in downtown Warren. Maddie said that she usually gets pictures taken at either Jackson Valley Golf Course or a family friend’s pond. Since prom isn’t until June 1, there is plenty of time this year to check out some of our great local spots to find the picture perfect setting for your photos.

According to the data that The Squire received, the two best places to go for the best prom pictures are Jackson Valley Golf Club and Cable Hollow Golf Course. Both golf courses have multiple acres of beautiful scenery. However, the two places that did not receive votes – Crescent Park and Washington Park, both in Warren – are great options as well, as they have beautiful views, perfect for your photos.

As you snap those perfect pics, tag The Squire @ehssquire on Instagram, and you might just see your photo featured as a part of our prom coverage



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