Clean Up this Spring

By: Jared Beers

It is about that time of the year where the snow is melting and yards are a mess.  April is very unpredictable; bushes can be coated in snow the first day of the month, then, weeks later, flowers and leaf buds may begin to bloom. The Squire interviewed Logan Abbott and asked him how he takes on spring cleanup.

Some people hire landscaping crews to clean up their yard, but not Logan. When asked who helps clean his yard he replied, “The people who help me clean my lawn are my papa and my brother.”  Most things you find in your yard are winter-killed branches and dead leaves. Sometimes, there are bottles and plastic bags that blew there before the snow fell. Not all is trash; most people trim their bushes and shrubs. You can visit to check out some helpful tips on spring cleaning.

Many tools can be used to clean your yard.  Logan shared, “We use lawnmowers, rakes, and tarps to carry leaves.”  Other equipment you can use are leaf blowers, mulchers, and chainsaws or hedge clippers to trim bushes that have overgrown throughout the winter. On the subject of getting rid of the leaves and branches, The Squire asked Logan Abbott if he burned his leaves, he responded, ”No we do not burn our leaves, we live to close to other people so we just throw them in the woods behind our house.” While some people may burn their leaves, some communities have laws about burning and the leaves must instead be bagged rather than burned.

When Abbott was asked about what part of his yard that he cleans first he said, “We usually clean up the front yard or the part that has the most debris.” Since it is the part of the yard most people see when they drive by, it is probably most common to focus on the front yard first.  When cleaning up his yard, Logan keeps an eye on the sky for the ideal conditions for cleanup, “My ideal weather to clean our lawn would be 55 degrees and not rainy or wet at all.”

The official start of spring is most often when people begin to clean their lawn.  When Logan was asked when he starts to clean his, he explained, “We usually start cleaning our yard at the end of march or the beginning of April.” This is a very common time for people to begin cleaning.  It may take days, or even weeks.  When Logan was asked how long it took him this year, he said, “It took about 7 days working two to three hours a day.”

Spring cleaning may be hard but you can do it with the help of friends and family.

Now that you have learned some tips about spring cleaning, you can take it on yourself.

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