Previewing the 2019 Blue-Gold Game

By: Logan Abbott

When the sun and temperature start going up, most people think of the beginning of spring sports. However, the Eisenhower football team is getting ready for their annual Blue-Gold Game, which will be held at the conclusion of the Mini Camp in late May. The Blue-Gold Game is flag football where the team has fun playing against each other.

Head coach, Jim Penley, picks the teams, one wearing blue and the other wearing gold. One team consist of freshmen and seniors, who compete against sophomores and juniors. It is usually a close game, with one or two plays normally deciding the winner. This game helps the coaching staff evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each player and see who has progressed the most during the winter off-season.

When asked by The Squire about what he expects to see from the team, Coach Penley said, “I am looking forward to seeing how they develop as a team with a young core group of leaders. I also want to see who steps up to fill the many spots vacated by the many graduating seniors.”

Trevor Welker, EHS junior and wide receiver, was asked by The Squire about how he expects to do in his third Blue-Gold Game. Trevor shared, “I hope to have fun with my teammates and possibly make an outstanding play!” The game will contain a mix of all grade levels, but Welker imagines that there will be a lot more sophomores and juniors there.

The Squire also interviewed freshman quarterback, Garrett Jensen, about being in his first Blue-Gold Game. He shared, “I am excited to play in my first Blue-Gold Game and hope to show Coach Penley what I am good at.” Junior quarterback, Owen Trumbull, is feeling healthy and ready to go as he has been working hard in the off-season to stay prepared.

Penley explained that there are many critical positions highlighted in the game, but “The line will be very interesting to see how it develops.” That is something that we will see soon, and could be a great preview for the upcoming 2019-football season this fall.

Penley is looking forward to seeing the juniors step up as they move closer to being seniors. He explained, “As a group, I am excited to see the whole junior class develop into difference makers. I feel they will be ready to make a difference, instead of waiting for older players to make plays, they will have the opportunity to be the ones who win games now.”

With seniors graduating, many of the underclassmen are looking forward to finding the position that best fits them. Jared Beers, junior tight end and linebacker, shared with The Squire, “I expect to see a battle for offensive line and wide receiver spots.”

Attend the Blue-Gold Game this May to support the Eisenhower football team. It will also answer many questions about the depth of the team. Throughout the game, the team will form a better bond to each other as they learn and grow. Good luck Knights!


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