The Squire Ranks Top Places to Eat Before Prom

By: Dakota Chase

With the end of the year approaching, finals are coming up, graduation is looming, and weather is getting warm. Prom is also fast approaching, which comes with sorting out lots of details from the perfect coordinating outfits, to the best place and time for taking pictures and eating dinner. Planning everything out can be overwhelming to say the least, but The Squire is here to help you plan the perfect pre-prom dinner date.

The Squire staff narrowed down the top local dinner choices and the conducted a Twitter poll to see what suggestions our followers had about the best local restaurants for that special date.   The results were as follows, with Ribs and Bones coming out in the top spot:


Ribs and Bones – 47%

Olive Garden – 37%

Applebee’s – 11%

Chiodos – 5%


Although one clear winner was the popular choice on our poll, you cannot go wrong with choosing any of the local restaurants listed. Olive Garden is located in Lakewood, NY. They have online ordering if you want the food, but do not want to eat in the restaurant. They also have specials of the day and a gluten free menu as well. Applebee’s conveniently has two locations, one in Warren and one in Lakewood. They have lunch specials and a light menu. The eatery also has a “2 for $20” and “2 for $25” menu choice, which is perfect for couples and easy on the wallet. Ribs and Bones is a local restaurant located between Chandler’s Valley and Warren on Jackson Run Road. They have amazing rib specials and steaks, and a great hometown atmosphere. Since Prom is in Warren this year, you might prefer to go somewhere right in downtown Warren. If that is the case, Chiodos, located in Warren by the West End, might be the place for you. They are known for their Italian food and are locally owned.

The Squire interviewed two high school students, Rachel Frederick and Mathew Vibbert, about where they might eat their pre-prom dinner. They both agree on ordering something light and not too messy, so you keep yourself looking your best. Rachel also said she wants to be able to dance and not be too full. Both prom-goers also said they wanted a place that is not cheap, but also not too expensive or fancy. Matt and Rachel agreed that they would rather go in clothes that are more casual rather than their fancy prom clothes. Matt and Rachel had different views on their price point and timing of dinner for the big night, with Matt saying he spend anywhere from 60-80 dollars, and Rachel sharing that she wanted dinner to be under 30 dollars for herself and her date. Matt said he would rather eat one or two hours before, while Rachel said whatever you prefer, lunch or dinner.

With all these options, we encourage you to try these great local restaurants, go out in the community, and enjoy a dinner before prom. Prom will be held on June 1, 2019. It will be at the Conewango Club. The Squire hopes you have a wonderful and safe prom.


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