Alex Barnett Reigns as Mr. EHS 2019

By: Hope Hefright

This year’s annual Mr. EHS competition yielded another hilarious show planned by the Journalism Club and hosted by last year’s winner, Joey Bauer, and senior, Ethan Chambers. As expected, every participant wowed in the categories of school spirit, talent, muscle, and formal wear.  The competition was tough, but, in the end, Alex Barnett was crowned as Mr. EHS 2019, with Michael Abadie being crowned as runner up.

There was a solid group of participants this year, featuring a group of upperclassmen from grades 11 and 12. The competitors were: seniors, Brodie Whitney, Alex Barnett, and Aiden Farrell, as well as juniors, Dakota Chase, Michael Abadie, Nate Acklin, Kyle Coons, and Drew Williams.

There were many highlights from the big night, with each contestant showing off their own unique personality. The winner, Alex Barnett, was crowned after showing off his school spirit, poetic skill, and, during the formal wear portion, elegance in a sparkly dress, despite a slight wardrobe malfunction. Alex stated on behalf of his win, “I had a great time competing with my fellow comrades, and took pleasure in being crowned by Josef Bauer himself.” Runner-up, Michael Abadie, wowed with a near perfect Napoleon Dynamite dance routine and looked quite dapper in his suit for formal wear.

While each contestant had memorable moments, there was one clear start of the show: the hoverboard. From Drew Williams’ hoverboard basketball to Nate Acklin’s hoverboard racing and Aidan Farrell’s indoor hoverboard skiing, hoverboards were a popular prop for the night. And, of course, the other contestants showed their best that night, with Dakota Chase putting on a classic ribbon dancing routine and making the audience laugh with a response to one of our host’s questions, “How would you end world hunger?” Dakota responded, “I’d give everyone a bite of my food.”

Brodie Whitney’s talent was a continuation of his wrestling saga with Sasquatch from last year’s competition, and was straight out of WWE. The crowd was clearly entertained and impressed, as Brodie valiantly fought back against Sasquatch. Kyle Coons was equally as brave when he showed off his firefighter skills and saved not only a classmate from a burning building, but also a dog stuck in a tree.

The Squire appreciates the support of everyone who participated in and attended the event.  Be on the lookout for next year’s event, which is always held right as spring is starting at EHS.  We hope to see you there, either as a member of the audience or as a student signing up to become king of the school. In these competitions, you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always a fun time.

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