Rolling into Post-Season Action

By: Rachel Frederick

These past few months we have had wrestling matches and basketball games, while also watching our cheerleaders do their best to cheer on our players and wrestlers. Our teams have done very well this year, but in this post-season, our wrestlers shine especially bright once again. Going to a wrestling match, you can never really predict the outcome; it all depends on who decides to show up and wrestle that day. Sometimes they have an idea of how good their competition is, but most times you just have to go out and hope that all the work you have put in was worth it. Our wrestling team has always been great, but these past few years they keep improving and giving their fans what they want.

The team may not have gone as far as they wished, but the team is full of many standout student athletes. The Squire sat down with Logan Jaquay and the coach who is behind all of the team’s success, Mr. Black, to ask them a few questions. They both said that the team is progressing nicely and are right there with the other teams in the district. To describe the beginning of the season Jaquay states, “I think we started out slow, but we got some wins and really picked it up.” Black disagrees by saying, “I think the team looked good going into the season and progresses greatly as the season goes on.” The team went to Sharon to wrestle in the district dual meet tournament, where only eight out of fifty-two teams in the district compete. They both agreed it was a little disappointing not accomplishing their goal of getting to states as a team, but, according to Black, “it was a great learning experience for the wrestlers to have.” The wrestling team has always had outstanding athletes and this year, even though each individual has a different path, Black just wants them to be successful in everything they do.

The Squire checked in with Logan Jaquay, who is the 113 pounder for the team, to find out how he feels about this season and his own improvement. He shared the team’s biggest strength is the close bond that they share and having fun on and off the mat. As he will be advancing, the improvement he feels he needs to focus on is to get his offense and stay in control the entire match. The Squire asked him what he would like to see happen going into the post-season and he says, “I plan on getting another state medal; that has been the goal since the end of wrestling season last year.” Logan has always been a big help to the team and their success throughout the past few years. At the end of the 2018 season, he placed eighth at states.

Our wrestling team is continuously improving in the best ways possible. They are some of the athletes who prove that our school is something that we should be proud of. Keep up the good work Knights and we will continue cheering you through every up and down!

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