The Most Gut-Busting Commercials of Super Bowl 2019

The 2019 Super Bowl was a little less interesting than most of us had thought it would be. However, the commercials were not disappointing. According to, the top 10 funniest commercials were:

10.) M&M’s: Christina Applegate is driving a car with the red, orange, and yellow M&M’s in the back seat. The camera shows the M&M’s all stuck together in a chocolate bar and then the M&M’s Chocolate Bar is introduced.

9.) Colgate: Colgate uses an office scenario where a coworker is a “close talker” but that’s okay because he has brushed his teeth with Colgate and doesn’t have bad breath.

8.) Audi: An ordinary man is in Heaven with his grandpa who gives him in an Audi. Then, the scene jumps to a woman giving him the Heimlich and he expels a cashew from his mouth. This alludes to the idea of driving an Audi is like being in Heaven.

7.) Mint Mobile: A little green fox sits on the couch with a man and talks to him about the cheap wireless bill he will have if he switches to Mint Mobile. The man says, “That’s not right” and the fox assures him it is. Them a commercial for “Chunky Style Milk” comes on and the man and the fox agree, “That’s not right.”

6.) Michelob Ultra: Zoe Kravitz stars in the beer commercial using ASMR to describe the light and foamy new Pure Gold light beer.

5.) Expensify: Adam Scott and 2 Chainz star in the commercial where a record company is sitting down and talking to a finance manager about spreadsheets and boring stuff. Suddenly, they hear about Expensify and how easily the can snap a photo and save a receipt. 2 Chainz and Adam Scott then start singing about Expensify in their music video.

4.) Burger King: This commercial stars Andy Warhol sitting at a table enjoying a Burger King Whopper and later the words “#EatLikeAndy” appear.

3.) Microsoft: Microsoft launched new controllers for its gaming system that allows people of all ages with any disability to play their games so that, “We All Win.”

2.) Avocados from Mexico: This commercial uses aliens in a human history museum that highlights artifacts from the 21st century human history. The highlight of the tour is the Avocados from Mexico and the aliens love them.

1.) Bubly: Michael Bublè corrects the pronunciation of Bubly, the sparkling water drink, in a comical manner.

These commercials were not only successful at making everyone laugh, but also great at entertaining audiences in between the game. However, how much does it cost for these companies to get their 30 seconds of fame in one of the most watched televised events of the year? According to, “CBS is selling 30-second Super Bowl 2019 commercial spots to the tune of $5.1 to $5.3 million.” That almost seems worth it when you think about how many people watch the Super Bowl. However, this year, there was a decrease in audiences as reported by, who stated there was only an estimated 98.2 million people who watched Super Bowl 2019 this year.

The Squire did a Twitter poll to see which commercial our audiences thought was the best. The result were as follows: 6% Burger King, 11% Microsoft, 44% Avocados from Mexico, and 39% Bubly Drink. Senior Aubrey May also added, “The Amazon Alexa video was very funny.”

Overall, the Super Bowl 2019 commercials did not disappoint! These commercials were full of puns, jokes, and comedy that people of all ages could enjoy!


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