Walking Through Warren in the Christmas Parade

By: Morgan Kellogg

Every year, towns all over Warren County have Christmas walks. The city of Warren, however, happens to have a parade. People from all over the county dress up, put floats together, and walk through town with groups of friends.

Before the parade starts, all of the people who are participating in the parade meet behind the Top’s plaza in Warren. That’s when everyone finishes constructing their floats and checks in. Some people come as early as 5:00 to start setting up. People who decide that they want to be in the parade sign up and start planning months in advance. A great deal of hard work and time goes into making these floats. Often times, they draw out sketches to see what their floats may end up looking like and purchase the needed decorations.

Once everyone is checked in and ready to go, the parade starts. It is really important that everyone is there on time because the parade is on a strict schedule. People from all over the county line the streets of Warren in order to watch this fantastic event. They even tie chairs together and block the sidewalks days in advance in order to get good seats. Some of the most excited people are the little kids. Most of them want to get some sweet treats that the people in the parade throw. Journalism student, Delaney Chase, says the best place to watch the Christmas parade is, “at the beginning of the parade, because you get some of the best candy.” She also said her favorite part of the parade is the Santa Clause float that comes out at the very end.

After the parade, people walk around town and go to the little stores along Pennsylvania Ave. Some of the little shops have crafts and activities for little kids and adults to participate in. The Christmas walk and parade is also a great time for many to meet up with friends, and watch the huge Christmas tree light up at the end of the night.

Watching the Christmas tree light up is a special tradition. Although our Christmas tree looks big, it is not as big as the Rockefeller Christmas tree that is lit up in New York City every year. This year, our tree was lit up on December 7, 2018 whereas the Rockefeller Christmas tree was lit up on November 28, 2018. The next time you are in town in December, be sure to check out the big Christmas tree next to the fountain in downtown Warren. Maybe you could even make going to the Warren Christmas parade your new tradition.

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