Best Gifts for Her

By: Tess Morningstar

With Christmas approaching, it’s time to think of the perfect gift to get your girl for Christmas. Every guy wants to please their girl with an amazing gift; however, not all girls like the same gifts. Some girls like things like jewelry and clothes that they can wear and show off. Other girls like things like a trip or a date night and just want to spend quality time with their man.

A Squire twitter poll was conducted, and the results revealed that the top choice of what a girl would want for Christmas from her boyfriend is jewelry. The next choice was no gift – just a dinner date, while the third top gift was clothes, with electronic gadgets coming in last with no votes. The Squire interviewed long-term couple Delaney Nizzi and Ethan Chambers about gift receiving and giving. In Delaney’s opinion, the best gift from her boyfriend would be something sentimental or something dealing with their memories as a couple. According to, after interviewing girlfriends nationwide, the top gift a girl wants from her boyfriend for Christmas is a photo album. Most girls like something sentimental that they can cherish or something with photos because they like the fact that their boyfriend took his time to think of all of their great memories together. Although Delaney most values sentimental gifts, she did have one store bought gift in mind this year – Delaney asked Ethan to get her a pair of Sperry boots.

The Squire asked Ethan what he is planning to get Delaney for Christmas and how his gifts compare to previous years. Ethan is really paying attention to Delaney’s wish list. This year, he is getting her Sperry boots, a saddle pad and a onesie. The Squire also asked Ethan what kind of advice he would give someone in a relationship about budget planning, Ethan replied “Keep it at a reasonable price; don’t buy anything too expensive that will make you broke.” Although Delaney and Ethan have been dating for a number of years, Delaney stated that, in terms of a budget for gift giving, “There isn’t a price tag as long as he puts thought into it.”

For those in a long-term relationship, gifts may vary over the years. Some boyfriends may try to up their gift giving from previous years, or they may put less effort into their gifts. If you’re in a new relationship, start simple. Take your girl out to a nice dinner or make some fun new memories with her; sometimes that means more than any gift. As the results from the Squire Twitter poll and interviews show, the best gift is something that can’t be bought at the store.


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