Finding the Perfect Holiday Gift

By: Cody Anthony

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, the question of what to get your loved ones is on everyone’s mind. This question can be stressful because some people are harder to shop for then others. Fear no longer because The Squire has researched the top ten gifts of the year that you might just want to pick up for your people.

What do you do if you cannot think of anything to get your loved ones? Lucky for this year’s shoppers, Amazon is the go-to website for all of your gift buying needs.  If you really cannot think of anything else, you can always look at what everyone else is buying. The Squire did a little research and found that the top ten gifts of 2018 are unique and, for the most part, affordable.  This year, the top ten gifts according to Amazon is as follows.

  • DNA ancestry test kit, $59.00
  • Personalized Canvas print, $29.99
  • Personalized fleece blanket, $44.99
  • ULTA Brilliantly Beautiful makeup collection, $19.99
  • Personalized doormat, $24.99
  • Seasonal themed LED lanterns, $15.98
  • Personalized photo ornaments, $2.99
  • Personalized heart keepsake, $29.99
  • Custom built lightsaber, $70.00
  • Wedding anniversary wall art, $39.99

Do not just take it from the internet; The Squire also interviewed some students at Eisenhower to get their opinion on the matter. EHS senior, Alexi Millburn, gave us her insight on Christmas shopping. When asked what advice she would give her classmates looking for just the right gift, she suggested only shopping for one person at a time, also saying that her favorite thing about shopping was giving to others while her least favorite thing is the commotion and spending lots of money. When asked her opinion about the top gifts of 2018 she responded with laptops, saying that a laptop is also, what she wants for Christmas. Finally, we asked her what the true meaning of Christmas is, to which she responded, “probably the birth of Christ.”

Therefore, if you have been struggling to come up with what to get your loved ones this Christmas, hopefully The Squire has helped guide you in the right direction.  Good luck shopping out there, and have a very merry Christmas.

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