Jaydon’s Thoughts Uncovered

By: Rachel Frederick

This basketball season, EHS senior, Jaydon Hayes, had the incredible opportunity to score his 1,000th point, which was scored during an intense rivalry-filled game against Youngsville.

Jaydon’s big moment was one of suspense, with the whole gymnasium wondering when his 1,000th point would be scored.  It turns out that Jaydon had the chance to have all eyes on him when the points were scored – he was at the foul line shooting his second shot when the ball hit the net and the whole gym went crazy. Not many people get this kind of a chance to score that many points, and this was huge for our small-town high school. There is no doubt that many people were very excited to be able to watch it happen, especially in our home gym with a kid most have watched grow up and had the opportunity to get to know.

Throughout the years, Jaydon has worked as hard as possible to be the best that he could be and succeed, and that’s exactly what had happened for him. He put in many hours of work a day, watched and played countless basketball games, and pushed himself to be the best to his ability.

The Squire asked Jaydon a few questions to get the inside scoop on how he feels about it all.

The Squire: How did it feel scoring your 1,000th point?

Jaydon Hayes: It was a great feeling, but an even better accomplishment and it was fun to get it with the team I’ve been playing with since 7th grade.

TS: How did you get to the point where you had this opportunity?

JH: Getting there took lots and lots of practice throughout the years.

TS: How does it feel knowing that your name will be known and put in the trophy case?

JH: That’s actually exciting and nice to know that my legacy here at Eisenhower will be cherished for years to come.

TS: What were you thinking when you were going into the Youngsville game?

JH: I just thought of it as another game, with the 1,000 points sitting in the back of my mind.

TS: What advice would you give younger players?

JH: Listen to your coaches, practice hard every day, get into the gym as much as possible, and definitely watch basketball.

TS: What are your plans after high school?

JH: I plan to go to Clarion University, major in human resources, get the degree I need for the job that I want, and see where life takes me after that.

The Squire is very excited to see where Jaydon goes and how well he does in his future. He had an incredible high school career, setting records and leaving his name in our school. We are sure his future looks just as bright, if not even brighter. His name will definitely be remembered throughout the years and will hopefully have an impact on the younger kids as they see his hard work and dedication as a model to follow.  Best of luck, Jaydon!

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