How to Spend Your Valentine’s Day Single

By: Tess Morningstar

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for couples, and if you have a significant other, you will most likely spend the day with them or at least get each other a gift. That is not the case for everyone, though; many people are single on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re single on this holiday, there are still many ways to spend it. Some people spend it alone or with a pet. Having a pet is good because you can focus and spend time with them instead of having to worry about a significant other. Another good way to spend Valentine’s Day single is to do something with your other single friends or spend time with family. Valentine’s Day isn’t all about being in a relationship, you could just make it a special day spent with anyone you care about or a day to focus on getting some much needed alone time.

The Squire interviewed Eisenhower student, Patricia Bortz, on how she spent the recent Valentine’s Day holiday.

The Squire: How do you feel about being single on Valentine’s Day?

Patricia Bortz: Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t really bother me, I feel the same as I would any other day.

TS: What did you do this Valentine’s Day?

PB: I had soccer practice, went home, and ate cookies by myself.

TS: What do you think is important or unimportant about Valentine’s Day?

PB: I think it is an unnecessary holiday, but it is a nice day to spend time with your significant other and get them gifts.

TS: Is there anybody you prefer to spend your Valentine’s Day with?

PB: No, because I am not in a relationship, but I enjoyed spending it with my cats.

TS: How have you spent your past Valentine’s Days and how do they compare to this years?

PB: I’ve been single for all of them, I never really payed attention to it but this year I made sure I ate a lot of chocolate.

Thank you for your time, Patricia. Spending Valentine’s Day single is not always bad.

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