Students Savoring Spirit Week

By: Alexis Roberts

Every December, the week before Christmas break, Eisenhower’s Student Council puts together a holiday spirit week. This year, our spirit week consists of crazy Christmas sock day for Monday, red and green day for Tuesday, ugly sweater day for Wednesday, Christmas character day for Thursday, and Polar Express day for Friday. For Polar Express day, Student Council is teaming up with National Honor Society and asking students who participate in this day to donate a dollar, which will go towards the food pantry. The students thoroughly enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit and love getting a jump start to their Christmas vacations.

     The Squire interviewed both Mariette Williams and Naomi Haight, seniors in Student Council, to see what they thought about this year’s spirit week.

The Squire: What is your favorite day of spirit week? Why?

Mariette Williams: Definitely polar express day! It’s nice to have a day for the whole school to dress comfy and not feel out of place.

Naomi Haight: Polar express day because I can get up and not have to get as much around and dress up real fancy.

TS: Why do you enjoy spirit week?

MW: It gives students a chance to get into the holiday spirt.

NH: I enjoy spirit week because it’s a constructive way for students to have fun and expend some of the energy that inevitably builds up before Christmas break and it’s a chance for the student body as a whole to show their school spirit.

TS: What do you hope Student Council will accomplish by doing spirit week?

MW: To get students to unite as a school with both holiday and school spirit.

NH: I hope that through this spirit week Student Council can encourage students to show their pride in their school and help students showcase their creativity through their outfits each day.

TS: How do you think we could improve our spirit week or get more students involved?

MW: We could advertise more about spirit week and offer more incentives.

NH: In order to get more people involved, Student Council could award prizes to the most creative student or students with the best outfits for each day and have students choose who wins the prizes.

TS: What upcoming events do you think Student Council will have next?

NH: I can’t confirm anything [as of right now], but Student Council is looking to host another sweatpants dance in the future, as well as possibly hosting a middle school dance and doing a fundraiser to help support the American Heart Association.

In addition, Student Council is not the only club getting involved in the fun, National Honor Society helps out as well. National Honor Society collects food for Eisenhower’s food drive to help support the kids in our community so that they can have a nice Christmas dinner. They have the students in our school block out the teacher’s classroom windows with food and if the students can achieve this, the classes get a fun day to celebrate the last day before Christmas break. Club Crossroads also decorates the school with lights and bulbs and begin the holiday magic.

The students all come together as one with their holiday spirit thanks to our clubs who organize it all. If you’re interested in helping get Eisenhower in the spirit of celebrating next year, consider joining Student Council, National Honor Society, or Club Crossroads.

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