Snow Day Bustle

By: Maya Edwards

Although the winter weather has been mild so far this year, you never know when a massive storm of lake effect snow could hit our area and cause an unexpected snow day. For many of us, we are caught off guard and need some advice of what to do on our day off.

The Squire wanted to get an idea of what it is like to be in a parent’s shoes on a snow day. As you may already know, the mind and motives of a high school student differ from those of an elementary school student, and high school students likely spend snow days just a bit differently than elementary school students. The Squire asked Mrs. Pam Morningstar, the mother of Tess Morningstar, a junior, a couple of questions about snow days. The Squire asked Mrs. Morningstar, what her high school daughter’s favorite activity to do on a snow day is and she said, “Sleeping in” is her favorite thing to do. Mrs. Morningstar also shared what her child’s reaction is when she wakes up and finds out there is a snow day, “she gets excited and then goes back to bed.”  Mrs. Morningstar is lucky – one of Tess’ favorite things to do when she gets bored on a snow day is to help her mom clean the house. Now, let us take a look at what it is like to have an elementary student home on a snow day.

The Squire asked parent, Ms. Sarah Edwards, about what snow days are like with her kids. Ms. Edwards has a young daughter at the age of 9. The Squire asked Ms. Edwards what her youngest daughter’s favorite snow day activity was and she answered, “she loves to play in the snow all day and come inside to a cup of hot chocolate.” She also described what her daughter’s reactions are when a snow day is called, telling us, “Layla is very excited and jumps right out of bed and is ready to play all day long!” Ms. Edwards’ favorite thing about having her children home on a snow day is getting to spend a little extra time with them during a hectic week of work and school.

From sleeping all day, to playing in the snow, there is always something to make your snow day enjoyable. So, if you ever get a snow day, The Squire hopes that you have as much fun as these families do!  Stay tuned to the local radio stations and check out for alerts about snow delays and days.


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