Boys Sports Slide into Picture

By: Dakota Chase

Snow falling, weather getting icy cold, hot chocolate being made, and, of course, boys basketball and wrestling! This is an exciting time of year, with the Christmas fever starting, and everyone getting anxious for the winter sports. The Squire interviewed one representative from both boys’ basketball and wrestling to learn more about the season.

     First up, for boys basketball, we interviewed Ross Venman. Ross is a senior who says he has played basketball, “For as long as I can remember.” He would love to end his high school basketball career competing at the state level, in the state championship.

The Squire: How do you think the season with playout Ross?

Ross Venman: It should be a good season. We have a lot of seniors and a deep bench with a lot of talent.

TS: How has the team done so far in this short season?

Ross: We are 0-2 to two of the hardest teams we will play this year.

TS: Who do you think your biggest challenge this season?

Ross: Fairview; they are fast and have a big guy that’s like 6’10, which is a challenge.

TS: How have you done personally this season?

Ross: Personally, I have played better basketball, but there is still a lot of season left.

Our representative for wrestling is Eisenhower’s own, Mr. Black. He is our varsity coach and he is very excited for this season and thinks the team will do very well.

The Squire: How do you think the season will go after evaluating the practices so far this season?

Mr. Black: It should be a great season. We have a lot of returning letterman and some new guys that will help out a lot.

TS: How has the team came along so far?

Mr. Black: So far, this season has gone well. The guys are working really hard and getting better each day.

TS: As a team, what is the goal to accomplish by the end of the season?

Mr. Black: Our goals as a team are to get better each week and compete every time we go out and finish higher in the region than last year.

TS: Who is the biggest challenge this year?

Mr. Black: Our biggest challenge this year will be ourselves. If we stay focused and continuing to work hard we should be right on track for a successful year!

Our winter sports here at EMHS are looking bright. The representatives for these two sports have high expectations for this season in their sports. Stayed tuned into the W-IKE News show for the latest updates every Friday.



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