Quests 2017-2018

By: Aniela Gesing

EHS journalism students recently embarked on an adventure to St. Bonaventure. St. Bonaventure hosted a tribute to Press Day that began in the 1930s and has recently been recognized as Communications Day. Communications Day (a.k.a CommDay) is a day dedicated to exposing students to world media and opening a window of interest in the field of journalism.

St. Bonaventure offered a number of different workshops students could choose from to learn more about various elements of journalism, including, photography, social media, broadcasting, writing, journalism and public relations/advertising. EHS journalism students attended the broadcasting workshop hosted by Anna Bulszwicz and were lucky enough to view behind the scenes of a live news broadcast. EHS students also participated in a photography workshop hosted by David Kassnoff and learned the evolution of cameras and the importance of making every picture your best shot.

Overall, EHS journalism students enjoyed their day a St. Bonaventure and hope to be go back in the future!

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