How to Score Your Homecoming Date

By: Ross Venman

Homecoming is a time of year where young gentlemen and young women’s hearts are either filled with joy, or filled with sorrow. Some of these young men are risking their happiness by asking a young women to go to Homecoming with them. Hopefully this article will give some of you young bucks some great ideas on how not to lose your Homecoming happiness. It might even help you out when it comes to getting that perfect date this spring for prom.

The Squire interviewed Spencer Head, an expert in Homecoming proposals, about which ways are best to ask your date to Homecoming or any dance during the school year.

The Squire: Where is the best place to ask your date?

Spencer Head: Try to ask in public and in front of a lot of people, so she feels like she can’t say no.

TS: How should you ask your date?

SH: You should do something creative and original to you or her so that it is more meaningful.

TS: What is the worst way to ask?

SH: The worst way to ask your date would be over text or on the phone.

TS: How much money is too expensive to spend on your proposal?

SH: I think like any more than five dollars is too much. You want it to be well put together, but you also don’t want to be broke because of it.

TS: When is it too late to ask your date?

SH: Probably after the dance would be a little too late, unless you’re asking for next year.

TS: Is using a sign, public proposal, creative craft, or over text the best way to ask in your opinion and why?

SH: Probably creative craft because girls like it when you are clever and have a unique way of asking them to the dances.

TS: Who should be doing the asking – the male or female?

SH: Most likely, the male only because that’s the original way. However, if the guy goes to a different school, the girl should ask them to their school’s dance and vice versa.

You heard it here folks! So for all of you strapping young men out there looking for advice on how to ask out that special someone, you got it. Putting yourself out there comes with some risks, but don’t let your fear of getting a “no” stop you from asking your dream date. Good luck to everyone with your proposals and may you all get a big old smiling yes!

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