Students Enjoy a Knight in the Castle

By: Alexis Roberts

Every fall, Eisenhower High School has an annual Homecoming dance put together by our Student Council that takes place in the cafeteria. This year, our homecoming theme was “A Knight in a Castle.” The decorations of chandeliers, a rose in a glass case, and stone castles throughout the cafeteria were inspired by The Beauty and the Beast movie. The dance, which was held on September 30, was a huge success, with many students sharing that they had a blast and loved the décor.

     The Squire interviewed two Eisenhower seniors, Laura Courson and Krystal Oaks, to find out what they thought about this year’s Homecoming.

The Squire: How did you feel about the music at the Homecoming dance?

Laura Courson: The music was super fun to dance to and everyone [seemed to know] the music.

Krystal Oaks: I feel that the music was updated and newer, so everyone knew the songs and it was really fun to dance to.

TS: What did you think about the decorations?

LC: I think the decorations matched the theme very well and were very elegant and creative.

KO: I think they were creative and went along with the theme well.

TS: If anything, what would you do differently in putting the Homecoming dance together?

LC: I don’t think I would change anything because I had a great time.

KO: I would just have more water because it seemed like it ran out quickly, but, other than that, I wouldn’t change anything.

TS: How would you compare last year’s Homecoming to this year’s Homecoming?

LC: Because I am a senior this year, I had a lot of fun talking to people and dancing a lot and walking out on court.

KO: I wouldn’t be able to compare them because I didn’t attend last year’s Homecoming, but compared to the other years that I did attend, I felt this year there had more work put into the planning of this year’s Homecoming.

TS: How did you feel about the Homecoming theme?

LC: The theme was very creative and the decorations were liked by all students.

KO: I thought the theme was creative and interesting.

TS: This year, the tickets were sold in advance and had a very unique design that connected to A Knight in the Castle. What did you think about the ticket design?

LC: They were really cute… and went with the theme.

KO: I felt like the size of the ticket could’ve been smaller, but overall I liked it.

TS: How did you feel about the ticket prices?

LC: I think the prices were reasonable. They could be cheaper in the future, but they did provide deals for the students going with a date.

KO: I thought they were fairly reasonable, but could have been cheaper.

From the decorations, to the music, to the design of the tickets, Student Council went above and beyond in planning out this year’s Homecoming dance. We look forward to seeing what they come up with for next year!

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