Picking Trendy Prom Digs

By: Dominick Giannini

Some people might think that guys have an easier time when it comes to prom fashion. Sure, they don’t have to worry about makeup or “morning-of” hair appointments, but there are many things that they do have to worry about. They have to decide between suits and tuxes, colors/materials/patterns, bow tie or classic tie, vest or cummerbund. All these options can make it difficult for a guy to put together a full prom outfit; lucky for you, The Squire is here to help out.

Usually, the first decision a prom goer must make is whether or not to go all out with a tux. Usually, when shopping for prom attire, the go-to place is the local tuxedo rental shop, such as Men’s Warehouse or Joseph A. Banks. The option that many people overlook is that for the price of a one night rental you can often purchase a (slightly lower quality) suit. According to http://www.realmensstyle.com, “Unless your school specifies in explicit terms that you have to wear black tie, you can treat prom as a ‘black tie optional’ event.” This means that you can wear a suit, which opens a world of possibilities. A true tuxedo only comes in various shades and patinas of black, with the occasional gray. In contrast, suits can be found in a plethora of colors and trims that allow you to match or accentuate your date’s wear. In this manner, a suit is very advantageous as compared to a tux.

The next decision is going to be vest or cummerbund. If you’re wearing a suit, your options are essentially limited to vest only, however, if you opt to wear a tux you can choose either. These days, vests are significantly more popular than cummerbunds; however, it is all a matter of personal preference.

Your final choice is that of bow tie or classic tie. Once again, it comes down to previous choices. Wearing a classic tie with a cummerbund is highly advised against, whereas both the bow tie and the classic tie fit with a vest.

All in all, there are many different ways to put together a complete prom outfit. Each is going to be unique (hopefully) and will match the wearer’s personality. Hope to see you at prom!

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