Seeking a Promposal

By: Adam Pascuzzi

With school coming to a rapid close, prom is right around the corner. This means it is time to start asking the pretty ladies, or the handsome gentlemen, to prom. When looking for the perfect date, you can choose your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or even your best friend’s brother/sister.  Now there are a variety of ways to ask your person to prom; for example, you can make a poster with rhyming words, or even use food like doughnuts to spell out “Prom?”. You can also ask them in public or when you two are alone, or even surprise them at their house or sporting event. Prom is a hectic time for boys or even girls, for if you have a person you would like to ask and you don’t present the question in time, they may get asked by another fellow who beat you to it.
The Squire sat down with the one and only Ross “little trunk” Venman to ask him about how his prom season is going.

The Squire: Who are you taking to prom?
Ross Veman: Terrylee Marie Talasky.
TS: What was your idea?
RV: Well I made a poster that said, “I hope I’m not too forward you’re just so striking but my goal is to kick it with you @ prom so can I score a date?”
TS: How did you ask your lady?
RV: She came to my soccer game and I asked her after.
TS: What made you pick this idea?
RV: I saw it on the internet.
TS: How long did you take to plan and make this promposal?
RV: I would say around an hour and a half to make the sign.
TS: What are some tips for the newcomers?
RV: My advice would be to do it in public so she can’t say no.
TS: What do you think girls appreciate most about promposals?
RV: I think girls probably like the surprise of the guy asking unannounced.

Most guys enjoy the task of coming up with an idea and asking, while some others may not, but, regardless, make sure to ask them in some way. This is a time to be creative and have fun with your ideas; after all, you only get two years of asking. If you need ideas to help you with the perfect promposal, check out Pinterest. The most important thing is to ask someone who you will have an awesome night at prom with!

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