Springing into Prom Season

By: Jake Harvey

The sun is out, the air is warm, and the countdown until the end of school has begun. Along with this countdown comes prom, one of the highlights of everybody’s high school experience. For the seniors, this is the last dance and one of the greatest memories they will have with their friends that they have seen almost daily for the last twelve years.

In this day and age there are many different aspects to the prom season. First, guys usually come up with a “promposal” to ask their date to the dance in a witty or romantic way. From there, the girl will then pick out her dress, followed by the guy getting a tuxedo to match. When prom day arrives, some couples start the day by going to breakfast while others wait to eat dinner just before the dance. In mid-day, the girls are busy getting their hair and makeup done, while the guys clean up their hot rod that they’ll roll up to the dance in. Then comes one of the biggest aspects to prom – pictures. Prom pictures are something that you will cherish forever to remember your first best friends, and the good times you’ve shared together. Next, the music sounds and the lights are turned low, which is followed by three hours of dancing, singing, and sweating. Here at EHS, it isn’t a school dance until the classic: “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” by Big & Rich sounds with a rush to the box and the start of a dancing train.
The Squire caught up with homecoming king and avid dancer, Thomas Warren, to get the insight on his prom experience.

The Squire: What is your favorite part about the whole prom experience?      
Thomas Warren: I went my sophomore year and my favorite part was the actual dance and hanging out with friends after.
TS: Do you have a date lined up for this year yet and do you plan on doing a promposal?
TW: Yeah, I do. I plan on asking her soon. I have never done a promposal, so I’m new to the game, but I have some tricks under my belt because I’m a creative person.
TS: What kind of music brings out your best dance moves?
TW: Any type of music to be honest with you, Harv – I can do line dancing, some fist pumping, or even square dancing.
TS: If you could wear any color/style tuxedo to prom what would you choose?
TW: I would like to wear a straight legged tuxedo, and I think I look good in maroon, so a black tuxedo with a maroon shirt.
TS: What are your plans for before the dance for this year?
TW: I plan on playing in the Gus Macker 3on3, winning a trophy, then, after that, get ready to get pictures, eat, and then go to prom with my real trophy.

This year’s prom should exceed all expectations as it is western themed. Tickets will be sold during all high school lunches in the weeks leading up to the dance. We will see you at the Willow Bay Theater on June 3 to get down on the dancefloor!

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