Choosing Your Prom Hairstyle

By: Anna McJunkin

As prom is coming around the corner, girls have many decisions to make for that special day! You have to decide what dress you are going to wear, how you are going to do your makeup, where you are going for pictures, and, of course, one of the hardest decisions, your hairstyle. There are many different ways to do your hair for prom.

According to Pinterest, the most popular prom hairstyles are half up, half down. This hairstyle is curling your hair and styling half of it up in either a bun or a ponytail. Another popular hairstyle is putting your hair in a low bun with braids. The last hairstyle that is very popular today is the mermaid braid. This hairstyle is when you curl all of your hair and weave it back into a long loose braid.

The Squire took a poll of what the student’s favorite hairstyle was out of the three most popular… The hairstyle that won the poll was wearing your hair in a low bun with braids. Seven girls out of ten said they prefer wearing their hair completely off their shoulders for dances because it keeps it from getting messed up and keeps you a lot cooler while dancing. So, if you’re indecisive about what hairstyle you want for prom, hopefully this article helped you make your decision!

The Squire interviewed junior, Sandra Richards, who attended prom last year, about her thoughts on prom hairstyles.

The Squire: When you went to prom last year what did you do with your hair?
Sandra Richards: I put it in a bun with braids and curls
TS: What hairstyle do you think you will do for this year’s prom?
SR: I am going to wear it in a curly bun with diamond hair clips
TS: If you were to pick your favorite prom hair up do, what would it be?
SR: A curly half up hair do
TS: Out of the top three hairstyles in this article what one would you prefer?
SR: I would prefer the mermaid hairstyle because my hair is long and it looks nice
TS: Thank you for your time, Sandra!

I hope that between the hairstyles in this article, you pick the perfect hairstyle for prom. There are so many options you can pick between, it may be a tricky choice but either way you will find the perfect prom hairstyle.

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