Swing into Golf Season

By: Seth Voty

With summer right around the corner, many golfers are getting out and getting ready for this year’s golf season to start. Golf is a sport played on a course made up of 18 holes. The objective of the game is to get the golf ball into the hole using the least amount of hits possible. There are    four different golf courses in Warren County, so local golfers have a variety of choices.

Blueberry Hill Golf Course, which is located at 6528 Cable Hollow Road, Russell, PA. This is a public golf course open to anyone who wants to play there. It is also known as one of the most scenic courses. For 9 holes, with a cart, it would cost $20.00 per person, and for 18 holes it costs $32.00 per person.

Another great local option is golf course is Cable Hollow Golf Course, located at 405 Norberg Rd, Russell, PA. This is also a public course open to anyone. For 9 holes there, it would cost you $21.00 with a cart and for 18 holes, with a cart, it would cost you $38.00. Cable Hollow is known for being very well taken care of with a great staff.

Jackson Valley Golf Course, which is located at 6927 Jackson Run Rd Warren, PA, is also open to the public. Playing 9 holes with a cart costs $21.00, while 18 holes cost $34.00.

Last, but not least, Conewango Valley Country Club is located at 4961 Market Street Warren, PA. Conewango is a private course only open to members and their guests. Conewango is the only golf course in the county that has a swimming pool. It is a great option for golfers who want to stay a little closer to Warren and have a few more recreational options.

The Squire asked Jack Reynolds, a local golfer and EHS senior, a few questions about golf.

The Squire: Which golf course in the county is your favorite? Why?
Jack Reynolds: My favorite golf course in the county is probably Cable Hollow because it’s where I started my high school golf career.
TS: Which is your least favorite? Why?
JR: I don’t think there is a course around that I don’t like because they all present different challenges which makes each course unique.
TS: What do you think is the hardest part about golf?
JR: I think the hardest part about golf is that every shot is different and sometimes you are guessing on what the ball is going to do and sometimes you guess wrong, but when you guess it right, it’s a great feeling.
TS: Which golf course in the county do you think is the most challenging? Why?
JR: I think Conewango Valley Country Club is the hardest due to being so long and filled with bunkers, which are the two things I probably struggle with the most.
TS: Are there different dress codes for different golf courses?
JR: Yes, there are different dress codes at the course. Blueberry, Jackson, and Cable Hollow are all courses that let you wear what you want, but at Conewango Valley Country Club, they make you wear proper golfing attire.
TS: Do you compete in tournaments? If so, what’s it like competing against others?
JR: I do compete in high school events and some junior tournaments, and it’s nice to play other courses and see where your game stacks up against other kids your age.
TS: What is some advice you’d give to young athletes?
JR: My advice to younger players would be to find a swing that feels comfortable to you and try to repeat it every time you swing. Those are probably the biggest keys to golfing in my opinion.

There are multiple golf courses in the county you could choose to play. Each of the golf courses are unique in their own way. Golf is a great sport to get into if you’re interested, and it is also a great way to get outside and be active. It may be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend giving golf a try. You never know you might enjoy it. For more information about these golf courses visit, www.conewangovalleycc.com, http://www.blueberryhillgc.com, http://www.cablehollow.com, and www.jacksonvalleygolfcourse.com.

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