Getting Ready For Prom

By: Matthew Vibbert

 As everyone knows, prom, which is a special event that is only for juniors and seniors, is on its way and will be here on June 3, 2017 at Willow Bay Theatre in Jamestown, NY. Each year, there’s a certain theme to follow, such as last year’s Midsummer Knight’s Dream.  Last year’s theme was inspired by a Shakespearian play, while this year’s theme will be something original and new – the theme is A Knight out West.

The prom is always funded by fundraisers by the junior classes, and, the more money raised, the more things that can be put into their prom. This year’s prom is going to end up being later in the year compared to previous years, but that just gives you more time to prepare for it! A lot of people tend to go all out at prom, so prom can usually become somewhat pricey, depending on if you want to dress nicely, go out with your date to a restaurant, and go get things professionally done for the big event.

The Squire interviewed Ms. Walter to learn more about this year’s prom.

The Squire: For this year’s prom, what is the greatest thing that people should look forward to?

Jeanette Walter: This is the last big event for the seniors to make memories at EHS.  It is a time to celebrate all of their hard work and accomplishments and to send them off to the next chapter of their lives.

TS: What is the time and date for this year’s prom, and where is the prom going to be at this year?

JW: It will be 7-10PM, June 3, 2017 at the Willow Bay Theatre in Jamestown, NY

TS: What is the theme for this year’s prom?

JW: A Knight in the West.

TS: How much time has the entire committee put into the prom this year?

JW: We met once sometimes twice a week most of the school year, conducted fundraisers, and spent countless hours cutting, painting and creating.

TS: Is there anything special that is happening this year that hasn’t in previous years?

JW: We were hoping for a mechanical bull, but, alas, the school district was worried about someone getting hurt.

TS: Do you believe this year’s prom is going to be a successful one? Why?

JW: Absolutely! We have worked hard to create a great atmosphere in an amazing venue.  We have the best students, how could it not be successful?

TS: Do you think prom is exciting?

JW: Super exciting–what could be better than watching Mrs. Alexander bust a move?

Everyone seems to be looking forward to this year’s prom, and Ms. Walter has high hopes for it. The junior class has put a lot of their time into planning and fundraising for the prom. Be on the look-out for ticket sales for the event to start soon. If you don’t have anything planned on the day of the prom and you’re a junior or senior, you should definitely consider going to prom and enjoy yourself; as Ms. Walter said it’s a great way to enjoy your final few years in high school and make great memories. Why not get out the cowboy hat and have a fun time with everyone?

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