Mock Car Crash Coming to EHS this Spring

By: Aniela Gesing

The most common cause of teen death between the ages of 15-19 is due to distracted or impaired drivers behind the wheel. Approximately two- thousand teen drivers will die every year in car crashes across the United States. It is estimated that eight teens will die every day in a fatal car crash.  Every other spring the Eisenhower SADD Club puts together a Mock Car Crash to raise awareness about the effects of distracted driving. The Mock Car Crash will walk teens through a staged (but very authentic) car accident. With the staged wreck, students will learn how law enforcement, paramedics, and firefighters take to the scene and perform their duty. Students will also learn how the loss of a friend or loved one can impact their everyday life.

Throughout the day of the Mock Car Crash selected students will take part in what’s called Grim Reaper Day. Grim Reaper Day is a day when students will paint their faces white and refrain from conversing with their fellow peers and even teachers. Students with white faces are considered “ghosts” and “haunt” their peers throughout the day with the memory of them. The purpose of Grim Reaper Day is to show students how the loss of a peer can affect their everyday lives drastically.

The Squire sat down with Lauren Honhart, president of the Eisenhower SADD Club, to talk about this year’s Mock Car Crash.

The Squire: What do you hope to accomplish by showing EHS the effects of a car crash?
Lauren Honhart: We hope to bring awareness to a serious issue in our society and hopefully influence students to think twice about their actions.
TS: How much work goes into planning an event like the Mock Car Crash?
LH: A lot of work goes into planning this event. We need to decide who is doing what and contact the fire department to practice the event so things go smoothly.
TS: Which year do you think was the most authentic looking crash?
LH: I personally have only seen one Mock Car Crash my freshman year and it had a huge impact on everyone watching, I’m sure.
TS: Have you ever gotten emotional during the event of the Mock Car Crash?
LH: Absolutely, the fact that real students at our school play the parts in the accident makes things really emotional.
TS: How do you feel about the potential of this year’s Mock Car Crash?
LH: I think this year has a lot of potential, especially with all of the accidents that have happened recently in our county. I think this will be a huge wake up call.
TS: Do you have advice you would like to give to teen drivers?
LH: To any teen drivers, just remember your own safety, as well as any passengers, for the sake of those who love you. Think of everyone who cares about you and how it would affect them if you ever got hurt. Wear your seatbelt and drive safely.

The 2017 Mock Car Crash will be held on May 25 this year. To get additional details and pictures on the 2017 Mock Car Crash, check back with The Squire for more updates. The Squire wants to remind all drivers that you should never drive distracted or impaired. Drive Safely!

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