Looking Ahead to Cheer Season

By: Maya Edwards

Grab your pom-poms and get ready for the upcoming cheer season! As the 2016-17 school year is ending, tryouts for next seasons EHS Fall Cheerleading squad are coming up.

As of last fall, cheer season the Warren County School District has hired a new cheer coach for Eisenhower, Sarah Edwards. Sarah is an EHS alumni, and, throughout her high school career, she cheered, and played basketball and softball. The Squire spoke to Coach Sarah to ask her a few questions about the upcoming fall cheer season.

The Squire: What changes have you made to the EHS Cheerleading Team?
Coach Sarah: As far as changing things, I haven’t done much. My coaching style is different from previous coaches because I feel that I take more time to teach the basics of cheer because of the new team members that we have had join that have a lot to learn before we can proceed to more difficult and challenging activities.
TS: When will cheer tryouts be held for the 2017 fall season?
CS: Tryouts will be held June 5-7. All three of those practice dates are mandatory.
TS: How many people are you looking to add to your cheer team?
CS: We are looking for as many as possible! As of right now the sport is on probation because of the low numbers of participants in recent past years. If we do not have at least ten members on the team for the 2017 fall season, EHS fall cheer will be cut from our school!
TS: Will there be practices held throughout the summer? When and where?
CS: There will be practices throughout this summer, but the dates and location is unknown as of right now because of the teams numbers and being on probation.
TS: Thanks for your time, Sarah!

There you have it! Cheerleading is very important to our school for many reasons. We need cheer to stay at Eisenhower to keep the school spirit going! Pep assemblies, football games, and basketball games would never be the same without the cheerleaders. Join the EHS cheer team to save it from being cut from our school!

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