Fish into the 2017 Season

By: Drew Bearfield

As many of you already know, trout season has started and many of Eisenhower students and local community members have been fishing since April 15. According to the fish and boat commission, for trout, fishing is permitted starting at 8 a.m. on opening day, and the minimum size to keep the fish is seven inches. Fishing hours are 24 hours a day, after the 8 a.m. opener. The Creel Limits are regular season opening day through Labor Day, and include five combined species.

For true, dedicated fishers, there are extended seasons Jan. 1 – Feb. 28/29 and the day after Labor Day – Dec. 31. Creel Limits apply to most of the trout fishing waters. Other rules apply for Special Regulation Areas.

Each person interested in fishing must purchase a fishing license.  Licenses and permit started selling Dec. 31, 2016 and continue through Dec.31, 2017.  If you plan to continue fishing for several years, you can get a multiyear license, which is a three year, five year, and ten year licenses at any outdoor shop. You can also buy a fishing license at the local Walmart. In addition to fishing licenses, trout anglers 16 and older must possess a Trout/Salmon Permit, and a Lake Erie Permit is needed to fish for trout, salmon, and steelhead.

There are many places to go fishing around Warren County. Chapmans dam has approved trout waters, and Farnsworth Stream, which helps to stock many more streams. Also, local fishers could try Brown’s Pond on Cemetery Road near Lander Stock, which is full of large mouth, Bullhead catfish, bluegill, and crappie. One of the last and best spots is the Kinzua Dam, where fishers can find Muskellunge, Northern Pike, Walleye, Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Carp, Suckers, White Bass, and Panfish.

Eisenhower social studies teacher, Mr. Michael Stimmell, is a local fisherman. The Squire had a chance to ask him questions about trout fishing, and fishing in general.

The Squire: Do you like to fish for trout and why?
Michael Stimmell: Yes. I like all trout, but prefer to fish for native brookies.
TS: What kind of bait do you use to fish for trout?
MS: Dry’s, nymphs, streamers, emerges. Bait….crawlers, minnows, maggots.
TS: How many have you caught and how many times have you gone fishing this year for trout?
MS: I have not fished much myself this year, but have taken my two girls out several times. They have each caught quite a few.
TS: Do you keep you trout or release and why?
MS: I let them go unless I plan on mounting one.
TS: What other kind of fish do you like to fish for?
MS: Walleye, Pike, musky, crappie, gills, perch. I keep the panfish, but let the muskies and pike go. Walleye and panfish are delicious!
TS: How often do you fish, a lot or very little, and why?
MS: When I have time, I fish a lot. Otherwise, I get it in when and where I can fit it into my week.
TS: What is your favorite kind of fish to catch?
MS: Outside of wild trout, probably, musky and pike.

If you’ve been interested in fishing, but never tried it yourself, you now have all of the information needed to get started! Now it’s up you to get out there and catch them.

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