Mr. EHS is Crowned

By: Nick Pratt

As most of you know, the classic Mr. EHS competition has just passed by. This year, the event was held on Wednesday, March 1, in the Eisenhower auditorium, and, as always, supported the EHS Journalism program.

The competition featured four different categories in which the contestants take part: school spirit, talent, muscle competition, and formal wear. As a part of the formal wear segment, there was also a question portion to let the audience get to know the contestants a little bit better.

Each year, students, staff, and community members are entertained by the creative performances of all the participants. Last year, Josh Haight was the winner of Mr. EHS, and wowed the crowd with his piano playing. With such a close competition last year, everyone attending Mr. EHS 2017 was excited to see who was going to win. If you weren’t able to make it to this year’s Mr. EHS, not only did you miss out on seeing the fierce competition, you also missed out on some good laughs.

The Squire interviewed Jack Reynolds to hear his thoughts on this year’s competition as he was preparing to go to this year’s event.

The Squire: Are you planning on going to Mr. EHS this year? If so, who are you most excited to see?

Jack Reynolds: Yes, I’m most excited to see my classmates show their unique talents up on the stage.

TS: Who was your favorite participant from last year?

JR: My favorite had to be Adam Pascuzzi, because of his idea to use Mario as his talent.

TS: What are your thoughts on Mr. EHS? Is it a good idea to have a competition like this?

JR: It is a great way to have a fundraiser and is full of school spirit.

TS: What qualities should the contestants have in order to win?

JR: They should be outgoing, friendly, and just an all-around good guy.

This year, we had four seniors competing: Dominick Giannini, Adam Pascuzzi, John Bortz, and Bryon Braswell. There was also three juniors competing: Justin Hagberg, Ross Venman, and Troy Myer. The Squire interviewed Adam Pascuzzi as he prepared for the event.

The Squire: What are you planning on doing for your act this year?

Adam Pascuzzi: It’ll be a surprise; you’ll have to wait and see it at Mr. EHS.

TS: Who do you think your biggest threat will be this year? Who do you think will be most likely to beat you?

AP: I’m gonna have to say Dominick Giannini, because he was pretty close to beating me last year.

TS: What qualities do you think that you need most in order to win?

AP: Whatever the judges like.

From sandwich making, to basketball, to dancing, the night did not disappoint. The guys gave it their all, and had a great time doing so. There’s no doubt, the crowd and the judges, Mr. Heffern, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Ludwig, and EHS student, Emily Bailey, were entertained.

Senior, Dominick Giannini, was a hit and impressed the crowd with his Tape Face act. Dominick also participated in the event last year, although he did not make it to the top two spots. He has managed to redeem himself this year, by being crowned Mr. EHS. Dominick shared with The Squire, “It’s about dang time” he earned his spot as this year’s king.

This year, Mr. EHS was a great time. In addition to all of the great participants, the hosts, Jake Harvey and Thomas Warren, did an excellent job running the show and introducing the contestants.  Leading the crowd in a dance party and facilitating “Bean Boozled,” the hosts were naturals at keeping the crowd entertained between acts.

Journalism was happy with the strong turn out to the event, and all of the contests worked so hard to do their best.  Congratulations to Dominick Giannini for becoming this year’s Mr. EHS, and to Adam Pascuzzi for being crowned runner-up.  See you all next spring for Mr. EHS 2018!

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